• Change is in the air – RE/MAX Malta Launches Updated Brand Identity


    The RE/MAX wordmark and the beloved hot air balloon logo have been representing RE/MAX visually since the 1970s. Over the years, both have acquired iconic status and have become instantly identifiable in the more than 100 countries where RE/MAX is present. However, great brands evolve while retaining the elements that make them unique and recognisable. Read on to see how RE/MAX managed to strike the perfect balance…

  • Brace yourself, winter is coming – How to keep your home warm all through the cold season


    We don’t get frigid temperatures in Malta but our winters do give us a fair share of cold winds blowing in from the sea around us with temperatures feeling much nippier than the numbers on the barometer. Needless to say, Maltese homes tend to feel chilly exceptionally cold with numbing temperatures having to be endured both indoors and out.

  • Low Cost Decoration Tips for your House


    Don’t we all just love a good bargain? Sure we do. There are those who thrive on bargains and have the knack of making do with shoestring resources. But the really skilled few of us can actually make do with half a shoestring and still get on perfectly well. When the low cost technique is adopted for decorating house, one really needs to be an expert. Here is how to do it…

  • Purchasing a rental investment in Malta


    Rental investments in Malta have been on an upward trend for a number of years. Statistics show a 15% – 20% Year-on-Year growth over the last three consecutive years. The truth is that supply is not keeping up with the major demand from an influx of expatriates moving to Malta due to company expansion and the relocation of new foreign companies. It is projected that this increase in demand will continue to organically grow whilst the BREXIT aftermath and initiatives laid down by the Government will pay huge dividends to the Maltese Economy.

  • Maltese RE/MAX Agents Head to #reucon17 in Lisbon


    As a company, RE/MAX believes in motivating its estate agents and staff at every opportunity. With that in mind, a number of events take place every year that RE/MAX affiliates may choose to attend – often in fabulous locations as far away as Australia, Asia and the United States. However, there’s also one closer to home – the European convention, and this year it took place in Lisbon, Portugal.