Simple & Quick décor ideas that don’t break the bank

Sometimes things around your home in Malta needs to be perked up and when your home feels stale and staid, it is just the right time to roll up your sleeves and get started on livening things up.  Here are some tried and tested suggestions that won’t get you out of pocket but will still make all the difference –

– Re-hang those curtains. Curtains which smell of stale cigarette smoke and burnt toast do absolutely nothing for your house. Take them off, give them a good wash and re-hang. Ok, so you’ve had them too long and feel like a change. Be prepared to

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Paraphernalia and collections by Marika Azzopardi

Two is two’s company….. three’s a crowd. They also say that once you have three of the same, you can already start boasting a collection. It might be three books by the same author, just as likely as three still life paintings. When you’re doing up your home, you have to take into consideration your collections, whether they are still in their initial phases of growth or whether they are fully-fledged collections that make other collectors drool from their eyes.

 What constitutes a collection?  

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