Malta’ safe haven, Not just for Real estate


Apparently, according to International Living Malta is not only just a safe place to live but is also a safe bet for your real estate dollars. In a recent article posted this April on their portal they explain how Malta has come out of the crisis untouched.  There is much more to Malta than just a safe real estate investment, which makes it the ideal destination in the Med to think of if you’re considering making the move.

Most people who travel to Malta for the first time are always surprised by a considerable number of things. Top of the list is the level of safety felt when walking around the island, even during late evening and night-time. For the locals this comes as a given, but for foreigners who are also seasoned travellers and get warned time and again to protect themselves in certain countries, this is an added boon, especially when travelling with children and family in tow.

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Finding the Perfect Office Space in Malta

So you need to find some office space to rent in Malta? The local papers and Malta real estate websites will probably find you several options to consider, but there are a number of things you must think of before committing yourself to renting office space.

Location – think of all aspects on the issue of location. How far is the office from your home? Will you and your team need to travel a long distance to get there every day? Is the location ideal for your clients? Is the location ideal for your business’ or professions’ reputation? Is it as central as you need it to be? Is it too central, or too isolated?

If you are in doubt, travel to and from the aspired-for office at different times of the day and on different days of the week so that you will gauge all these elements.

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