10 Best Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home

  • 29.October 2020
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Whether you are a child or young-at-heart, Halloween is the ideal opportunity to dress up, indulge in plenty of sweet treats and make memories with a ton of spooky fun.

Setting the scene at home can be just as much family fun as the Halloween games themselves – and you can make it as traditional, as elegant or as outrageous as you wish!

Here are 10 of the best indoor Halloween decorations ideas, to get you started.

  1. Vintage Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween like the classic carved pumpkin. Available in a variety of sizes, pumpkins can be carved into whatever strikes your fancy, from super-scary faces to more approachable expressions or patterns.

What’s more, pumpkins can sometimes also be found in white as well as the traditional orange – you could style these up by adding a luxe piece of fabric and jewelled embellishments to add a touch of sophistication to your Halloween décor.

  1. Spooky Signs

Create a ‘haunted house’ feel with wooden (or wood effect) signs dotted around your home. These aged-looking signs might give superstitious warnings or can point towards rooms. What they say is limited only by your (or your family’s) imagination – you could even set up a haunted house tour or indoor trick-or-treat hunt using them.

Make sure to place these signs alongside other Halloween-related knick-knacks to show them off to full effect.

  1. More treats than tricks

No Halloween would be complete without tickling the taste buds with some delicious trick-or-treat-worthy sweets. This is an opportunity to have some fun by creating or buying themed goodies such as ‘spider’ cookies, spooky candies, ‘poison’ toffee apples, ghostly cupcakes, or ‘witch’s finger’ biscuits.

For a more elegant twist on your sweets display, you could celebrate the dark side of Halloween with decadent rich chocolate cakes or desserts, while the adults might also enjoy a glass of champagne or apple cider.

  1. Think beyond orange and black

While orange and black are the traditional Halloween colours, there is nothing to say you can’t add your own unique personality and style to your home’s spooky décor.

A classic black and white scheme – perhaps with stripes – might be more to your taste, or you could go for glamour with an all-white theme with metallic accents. You could also explore themes with the lesser-used colours that still have a Halloween and autumnal feel, such as rich purple, deep red or dark green.

  1. Dim the lights

The quickest and easiest way to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere at home is to limit your lighting sources.

Dark-coloured or pumpkin spice-scented candles will add a touch of cosy spookiness, while casting a sinister orange glow. You could also make the most of the eerie effect by placing ghostly silhouettes close by, to project spectacular shadows on the walls.

  1. Add antiques

Less traditional but no less effective, stock up on antique items like old clocks, masks or vintage apothecary bottles for your Halloween décor.

While not particularly frightening on their own, these objects can add a haunted, eerie quality when dressed up or labelled and placed near candles, signs, or other spooky arrangements in your home.

  1. Make a living room display

Whatever the focal point of your living room – this might be your fireplace, mantlepiece, or a coffee table – make sure to group together some of your Halloween decorative items there to make a bold eye-catching arrangement.

While also being a great backdrop for a memory-making family photo, this will clearly ‘ground’ the room’s Halloween décor in your chosen theme.

  1. Design a spooky entryway

Start the scary-good fun from the moment your family gets home by focusing your décor close to your front door.

This need not break the bank or your back. As a starting point, consider how you might normally decorate your entryway for Christmas and adjust the specific items accordingly for Halloween – by using arrangements of bare branches, cobwebs, ornaments, pumpkins or antique items, for example.

  1. Create a table centrepiece

The quickest and most effective way to bring the Halloween theme into your home is by creating a centrepiece for your dinner table.

This could be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it, from a few mini pumpkins and cobwebs placed in a large serving bowl, to a magnificent floral display with dark red, deep purple or black flowers, according to your theme.

  1. Go full traditional

Particularly if you have young children, Halloween just isn’t Halloween without some traditional decorations such as faux spider webs and spiders, witch hats, bats, ghosts and ghouls.

Making these accessories is also a great chance for some family fun in the run-up to the spookiest time of year!

RE/MAX Malta wishes you and your loved ones a safe & spooky Halloween!