10 fashionable places to buy property in Malta

  • 07.October 2014
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malta-vallettaIt is very common that foreign Nationals come to Malta unsure of what towns that they may be interested in buying their second home or new residence on the Maltese Islands. More often than not we receive customers asking us for La Valette simply because they have heard that Valletta is the capital City of Malta. Now Valletta is a lovely place to live and also to buy a property however Malta, though very small, has a number of different niche real estate markets. This depends on the type of lifestyle you may wish to live in Malta or Gozo and of course your budget constraints as well as the individual requirements. We have provided a breakdown of what we call 10 fashionable places to buy real estate in Malta:


What’s better than living in a Unesco World Heritage site? Well, living in a Unesco World Heritage site with a view! Valletta is dripping with character and is busy enough to have that European city feel to it while still being so authentic. If you manage to get hold of an apartment overlooking the sea, the views are genuinely breathtaking. Valletta properties are often comparable to those you may see in the movies where you see a couple running up the old windy staircases only to find a gorgeous high ceiling apartment, modernly decorated and will all mod cons.


If you like the sound of Valletta but want to avoid the busyness, then Birgu could be a great place to look for a property. It’s actually an older town than Valletta and the seafront marina is the ideal spot to hang out on warm summer evenings – with countless super-yachts berthed nearby. If you are looking at residency options you may also benefit from a lower thresh hold on your purchase because Birgu is one of the areas that are included in the area marked as South of Malta. St. Angelo Mansions is on the mainstays in this area, benefiting from beautiful views of the Marina and beyond.


Sliema has long been the bastion of Maltese fashionable living. In fact, it still is the queen of locations. Here you’ll find plenty of new luxury apartment developments such as Tigne Point and Fort Cambridge whereas you cannot forget to mention the beautiful in land and sea front blocks of apartments for sale and as well as the Victorian Townhouses with Gardens that make Sliema one of the most luxurious places to live in Malta.  Life in Sliema is bustling and busy, as close as you’ll get in Malta to living in a big city.

St Julian’s

Once a sleepy fishing village, this neighbouring town to Sliema is also full of life. Whereas in Sliema you’ll mostly find apartments or townhouses, here you’ll find a more suburban feel to life (although there are plenty of modern apartment complexes here too). That’s not to say that central St Julian’s is not full of restaurants, shops and cafes. It’s a mecca for stroller mums and cappuccino sippers. Pass by at night and take a look at Spinola Bay and you will love the atmosphere. If you are also young at heart and still have your dancing shoes, St. Julian’s is also the home of the entertainment area called Paceville. Enter at your own risk but the nice thing is that you can live far away enough not to be bothered with the hustle.


This is essentially St Julian’s, but it does have its own postcode. A luxury development built around calm lagoons and a yacht marina. Here you’ll find upscale apartments, restaurants and Malta’s tallest building, the Portomaso Tower, plus some rumoured celebrity neighbours. Portomaso is also the address for the 5 star Hilton Malta.  This development attracts both local and foreign well to do families and has become a natural meeting place for those expatriates that buy property in Malta.


mdina-silent-cityFinding a property here may be a little difficult due to the town’s size, but pretty much any building in Mdina is going to be spectacular. It’s a small community with some families who have lived in the same homes for generations, tracing their roots back to the old Maltese nobility of centuries past. Mdina, the Silent City, is pretty quiet and full of character.


Quiet and understated, Lija is an old Maltese town where you’ll find some lovely properties. Large town houses with gardens or pools, perfect for a relaxing kind of luxury. Lija is known for its Fest Fireworks and a few landmarks here and there, notably the wedding cake, which is seen at the entrance of the town.

St Paul’s Bay

Here you’ll find some grand apartments as well as older properties. Properties by the sea can have stunning views. St. Paul’s Bay is a popular town with expatriates mainly due to the reasonable real estate prices as well as proximity to its neighbouring entertainment hub Bugibba and Mellieha being a couple minutes either way.


siggiewiThe town is one of the oldest villages in Malta and for centuries the livelihood of its villagers was mainly based from the farming Industry. If the north of the island is too busy for you, head down to Siggiewi for a taste of village life. Here you’ll find exquisite town houses and farmhouses, restored and full of individuality. Siggiewi is also known as being a popular House of character area.


Fancy living in the same postcode as the President’s Palace? Attard is a classy place to live. It’s another old town, with lovely large houses both old and more modern. Not quite as busy as St Julian’s, not quite as sleepy as Siggiewi – it’s just right.

Hope you enjoyed our run down of fashionable places to buy real estate in Malta. It is important that you check out the Islands for yourself and scout the areas that may be of interest. This post has been created to start you off in that you will be familiar with the names and some information on what to expect. Where ever you choose you are bound to find a property to suit your needs. Stay tuned to other posts related to places to live and buying tips for foreign nationals.