10 Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home

  • 29.October 2019
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Halloween is a big deal these days. Children and adults alike love the opportunity to dress up, decorate and have fun, and people are increasingly creative with their spooky and silly plans! Read on for 10 cheap and easy DIY ideas for how to decorate your home for Halloween.

  1. Front Door

The obvious place to start! Make sure you have a homemade carved pumpkin at your door and perhaps some spooky cobwebs hanging from the frame to set the scene for your guests.

  1. Mantelpiece

Your mantelpiece is the perfect place in your living room to arrange some great Halloween decorations. Homemade spiders, small pumpkins or gourds, and a number of black and orange candles will set a scene worthy of a Hollywood film!

  1. Hall Table

If you don’t have a mantelpiece, a hall table can be an equally good place to group some Halloween decorations together. Many shops on the island will sell cheap, themed kits this year, so you don’t need to look far for great decorations. A little effort when setting them out will create a fantastic effect.

  1. Bookshelf

If you are throwing a Halloween party, consider decorating the bookshelf in your living room to look suitably scary. If you have any dusty old books, put them on display, and then drape the whole lot with plenty of spiders’ webs!

  1. Staircase

This is the perfect place to hang a skeleton or two! Pumpkins also look great displayed up the stairs, and you could add some bats or skulls for added (terrifying) effect.

  1. Sofa

Swap round your cushion covers for Halloween themed ones. Available at little cost online and in Maltese shops, cushion covers with spooky motifs are a quick way to achieve the ‘haunted house’ look for your sofa.

  1. Outdoor Space

Your Halloween party will be all the more fun if you move it outside. Apple bobbing and a scary piñata are great outdoor activities, and candlelit pumpkins will make the whole place look wonderfully eerie.

  1. Windows

Easy to find online, Halloween window transfers will ensure that your home looks hair-raising from the outside, as well as in. This is a great one for spooking passersby!

  1. Lampshade

Lampshades are a great place to hang things – you could use homemade bats, spiders or webs. You can also decorate with the classical carved pumpkin and use it as a lantern. These extra little details will ensure that your guests are impressed by your Halloween decorations.

  1. Ceiling

There is nothing spookier than something strange brushing against your face, so make sure that your guests are terrified by the skeletons and ghosts (made using white sheets) hanging from your ceiling. Your haunted house look will be complete!

Follow these tips to ensure that your home is the scariest in the neighbourhood this Halloween. Happy spooking!