10 Must have items for Maltese homes

  • 04.July 2018
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Just bought a new property? Wondering what the essentials for a Maltese home are? You’re right to, because Malta can be tough on the small things.

But hey, look no further! Here is a list of must-haves that will have you acing your Maltese life in no time.

1. Solar Panels

Let’s start off big. Malta, being a very sunny place, is great for solar panels!It will be a big expense initially, but much more cost efficient in the long run. So, get ready to forget your electricity bills, which is great given all the appliances and gadgets you need to power. And what’s more, it’s clean green energy.

2. Air Conditioner

Speaking of electricity … Nothing is a better friend in the house than a good AC during the long and hot summer months in Malta, or the short but painfully cold and humid winters.

3. Dehumidifiers

Humidity is a big issue. Everybody has experienced humidity in Maltese homes, especially old ones. Dehumidifiers are extremely useful for this end, as they suck out the water from the air—the collected water is great for watering plants too!

4. Reverse Osmosis

Tap water in Malta is technically, but tastes heavy due to its high mineral content and most people just don’t like it. You can change that by installing a reverse osmosis in your house. It’s cheap, safe and easy to install, making tap water easier to drink, helping cut down on plastic bottles and lugging 6-packs around.

5. Mosquito nets

It’s no news. There’s lots of mosquitos out and about, especially in the evening and when the lights are on. Mosquito nets are a great addition to home comfort, keeping the draught going and the little critters out. Summer essential!

6. Fly Traps

And, of course, the flies. Trap them with zapping blue light, sticky traps or make a sport of it and swat them with your friends. They’re a nuisance and we know it.

7. Wi-fi Repeater

Thick walls, long corridors and constant connection don’t go together. A Wi-fi repeater is made to extend the reach of your Wi-fi to the dark, unconnected corners of your home. Nowadays, they’re easy to install, so don’t worry if you’re tech-clumsy!

8. Plug Adaptors

While the conventional electrical home infrastructure is made for British three-pin plugs, most electrical imports come with the European two-pin plug. Many a pencil tip has been broken trying to insert a two-pin into a three-pin socket. Plug adaptors take the pain away. Seriously.

9. Vacuum Cleaner

The dust factor in Malta is real. A relatively dry climate and a proximity to North Africa means that dust and sand is everywhere and it will get into your house. You need a good vacuum cleaner to tackle the dust—don’t worry about the noise or the storage, they make them small and silent these days.

10. Double-Glazed windows

While not exactly an ‘item’, double glazing is a wonderful addition to any house. Acting as a noise and temperature insulator, double-glazing is important to have, especially given the increase in noise pollution in the busier, urbanised areas. It’s a great way to leave the outside … well, outside.

Isaac Azzopardi
Post by Isaac Azzopardi

Isaac Azzopardi is a young artist living and working from the Mediterranean island of Malta. His practice uses notions of alchemy, materiality and colour through painting, installation and sculpture to explore the transformative elements of contemporary urban life.