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10 Reasons To Buy Property In Malta

  • 22.September 2014
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Malta is one of the Mediterranean’s most vibrant destinations, located just far enough from mainland Europe to provide a decent getaway, yet close enough to fly here in a couple of hours. It has also evolved into a thriving business hub and, as it enjoys a stable real estate market, the long-term prospects for capital growth here are excellent – as you’ll see in these reasons why buying property in Malta should be your next logical step.

MaltaFinancial Stability

Malta enjoyed financial stability during the recent global recession. Whilst most European countries experienced serious trouble in their housing markets, Maltese real estate has continued to flourish. Having said this, our banking
institutions are excellent not to mention Standards & Poors recent reaffirmed credit rating with a stable outlook.

Buyer’s Market

Malta is still currently experiencing a buyer’s market. This means that prices are stable and there are plenty of good properties up for grabs. If there ever was an ideal time to purchase real estate in Malta, this is your cue.


Maltese property is still extremely affordable by European standards and prices have been seeing an above average increase in certain areas on the Islands. The increasing demand from foreign investment, together with a strong local real estate market, means that prices will continue to rise.

Return on Investment

Certain localities in Malta offer excellent, above-average return on investment, particularly for buyers who intend to rent out their property while they are away from Malta. Foreigners may rent properties that are bought within the Special Designated Areas and some areas can achieve a return on investment of between 4% – 6.5%.

Malta Lifestyle

Malta walks the line between sleepy village life and urban city life.  You’ll find the best of both worlds here. It’s a wonderful mixture of chic European-style café culture, timeless rural outposts and breezy beach paradise spots. Malta also boast some of the most excellent restaurant experiences – from Mediterranean Cuisine to Japanese.  If you are ever wondering where to live in Malta, it’s important to do your research.


Malta doesn’t suffer from a lack of investment in public services. It boasts state-of-the-art hospitals, and a good airport and port. It has an excellent public transport system, and some of the fastest broadband in Europe. There are regular flights to and from most European countries every day of the week. In short, it might be isolated geographically, but it’s far from isolated in other ways!


Whether you are looking for a beachfront apartment, a centuries-old townhouse, a high-rise duplex penthouse, or a villa with a swimming pool you’ll find it in Malta.

The Weather

There’s a myth out there that Malta never gets any rain. The fact that we need to point out that it’s a myth makes our point. Malta enjoys sunny weather almost year-round with hot summers and balmy winters, but you probably already know that!

Excellent, Reliable Service

When buying property in Malta, you must be careful to choose an agency that is experienced, sensitive to your wishes, has market knowledge and is in the know regarding the requirements for overseas nationals buying or renting in Malta. Failure to do this could mean you might end up out of pocket due to faulty planning or miscalculation. Choose a real estate company with a proven track record of helping people avoid any pitfalls.

It’s Malta!

Simply Google ‘Malta’ and you’ll find countless articles and lists which feature Malta as one of the best places in the world to live in or visit. You name it, Malta has won it: best beaches, low crime rate, most history, most beautiful country, best retirement place – the list really is rather exhaustive.

It is also easy to find what you are looking for in Malta without any unwanted delays. Whether you are buying furniture from a local shop, need a plumber or electrician, plasterer or a tile layer – there are a number of vendors available in Malta that suits every ones pockets. You could also import you furniture from Sicily, it actually only a day trip away.

If you are seriously looking to purchase a home in Malta it is recommended that you speak to a professional real estate company.