10 Ways to Spend Christmas at Home

  • 26.November 2020
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When it comes to the holidays, there is truly no place like home

Christmas 2020 will be one of small-scale celebrations. To stay safe, this festive season is all about spending time at home with immediate family to keep you and your loved ones healthy. What a way to make this year’s celebrations all the merrier! Because besides cooking a traditional meal and exchanging gifts, there is so much more to Christmas.

Here are our top 10 tips for rediscovering the joy of the season by celebrating Christmas at home.

1. Spread the love

Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t spread cheer. Send hand-made gifts or holiday cards to close friends and family in the post to let them know that even though you’re far apart, you are still in each other’s hearts.

For an extra bit of pizzazz and to keep the kids occupied, decorate cards using markers and paint to draw your favourite festive motifs. Nothing is too much! Grab the glitter and add some wiggly eyes for the fun of it.

2. Cosy cocktails and mulled wine

One of the best parts of Christmas is mulled wine. This year, why not make your own?

You’ll need a bottle of red wine, fresh oranges, cinnamon, mulling spices, sweetener and – if it’s your thing – extra liqueur. Don’t splurge on the wine; anything will do! If you prefer a sweeter beverage, add some conventional sugar or try some maple syrup or honey. For added spice, add a splash of brandy, bourbon or cognac.

While you’re at it, step up the merriment with some cosy cocktails. A favourite is the White Christmas Martini – vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao. Or, keep it traditional with good old-fashioned eggnog.

3. Deck the halls

Spending Christmas at home gives you the perfect excuse to decorate to your heart’s desire. Grab a wreath and some baubles for a sprinkle of traditional Christmas décor. Or, this year, why not go green with eco-friendly decorations? Get your creative juices flowing by combining some of your favourite old ornaments with newfound gems, or check out the latest in Christmas decoration trends.

4. Virtual party

We’re all tired of Zoom meetings, so make video calling fun again! Even if it needs to be done virtually, unwrap gifts together with your family members and friends so you can see the look of surprise on each other’s faces.

Add to the entertainment with virtual games, such as Secret Santa or Trivia. Or, to make grandmas happy, go for online Bingo. Anything is possible these days.

5. Christmas classics

You can’t spend Christmas at home without a movie marathon. Home Alone is a family favourite that will never fail to please. And no holiday season is complete without The Grinch. Would you rather watch a romantic film? Check out Last Christmas – and prepare for a plot twist at the end…

But what if you’re trying to cut screen time? Read your favourite books instead. Little ones love being read to, and it will be nostalgic to read old stories – or perhaps light a few candles and get the carols playing.

6. Give back

What better time to help those in need than Christmas? While we’re cuddled up by the fire, some are less fortunate. Christmas is the perfect time to make somebody’s day. Look into charity programmes that will help you spread the Christmas cheer to someone in need this season.

Or bring joy to your own community by passing around Christmas cards and home-baked treats, and visit your local food bank to make sure everyone has a Christmas meal. What’s better than knowing you filled someone’s belly and brought a smile to their face during the holidays?

7. Christmas karaoke

Whether you love them or hate them, Christmas hits are undoubtedly the biggest guilty pleasure of the year. Sing along with Mariah Carey, or attempt a family version of Pentatonix’s “Little Drummer Boy”.

8. Baking party

Christmas is never complete without holiday baking. Pull out your grandma’s recipe book for the tastiest treats or experiment with new recipes. And if baking cookies isn’t enough fun, go all out on the decoration. Sprinkles, colourful icing, edible markers… Turn every treat into a work of art!

While you’re in the kitchen, you might also want to make salt dough to DIY your own ornaments. All you need is table salt, all-purpose flour and water. You’ll then be able to create your unique decorations in no time. Cut out shapes, bake and decorate, and they’re ready for the Christmas tree.

9. Seek nature

Less traditional, but ideal for the Maltese Islands: head outdoors for a hike. Malta has many gorgeous trails, and with a bit of luck the weather will be perfect. The best part? You’ll be safe away from the crowds while boosting your immune system with some fresh air.

10. Game night

You can never go wrong with a game night. Who’ll win Pictionary and who’s the best at Charades? It might get competitive, but in the end, you know you’ll love being together more than anything else.