What are the Top Home Design Trends for 2019?

  • 14.January 2019
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The world of interior décor is constantly evolving and – yes! – a number of exciting trends are emerging for 2019. We’ve picked our favourites for our property in Malta.

Metallic accents

Rose gold and brass were extremely popular in 2018 and they show no sign of going away this year. These two materials can overwhelm certain spaces though and we actually have some good alternatives for 2019, including gunmetal and pewter, which contribute depth and texture without being too harsh. Copper can also add a clean, subtle accent thanks to its orange and red tones.

The growing popularity of using metal in interior design is also part of the trend towards using natural materials instead of overly processed, man-made ones. You will notice more granite, copper and stone in 2019. In properties in Malta and Gozo, this move perfectly complements the tradition of leaving interior limestone walls exposed.

Bold prints

Wallpaper came back in a big way last year across the board, as catwalks and living rooms played host to sleek, understated patterns. This year, the focus is on creating a fun visual discord with clashing colours and big patterns. On walls, cushions or carpets, celebrate a maximalist design by creating bold contrasts with playful patterns.

Artisanal features

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way people spend their money. Whether it’s locally-grown produce or handmade items, many are choosing to buy from smaller businesses and home décor is no different.

Artisanal décor elements are usually made in small quantities, which means you are less likely to spot your light fixture in an interiors magazine – a perfect choice for those who want a truly unique space. And supporting an independent maker will ensure that they can keep creating quality items in a highly competitive market place.

Bringing nature indoors

It seems like every second post on Instagram includes plants in it these days and that trend has permeated into interior design. Large, leafy plants bring a little of the outdoors in and create interesting, dynamic shadows over the course of the day. Those who buy property with south-facing windows will find it easy to add living features to their space.

Wood finishes are also growing in popularity thanks to the warmth and texture they impart. For those looking to complement a light and airy space, there is no better material than wood.

Colour of the year

Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year is Living Coral, a pinky-orange hue described as ‘sociable and spirited’ – who wouldn’t want a space to reflect those characteristics? Paired with whites, blues and pinks, Living Coral brightens with its golden undertones but retains a softer edge.

This peach-pink colour will certainly make a statement when set against a minimalist style and would make an excellent feature wall in eclectic spaces.

Classic kitchen

It’s back to basics in the kitchen this year, with designers opting for traditional elements to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere in the most important space in the house. British design lends many of its features, including closed cabinets, authentic sinks and hardware, and millwork details that highlight the craftsmanship of the build. This also ties in with the move towards the use of natural materials, with shiplap, stone and wood being given the chance to shine.

Will you be incorporating any of these trends into your 2019 design projects? Pls let us know in the comments below!