5 Home Accessories Every Connoisseur Should Own

  • 19.December 2013
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baccarat_ashtray-2When doing up real estate in Malta, we all want to create a space that is both stylish and functional, and these five accessories will help you do just that.

Finding a balance between style and function is easy as long as you know where to start. The simplest things that we take for granted, in fact, can become objets d’art that make a home more beautiful and still keep it practical.

Here are five everyday things we all use in our property in Malta that look amazing and also do the job better!

The Bose Acoustic Wave® Music System II – DAB: Anyone with a passion for music knows that Bose have perfected the transmission of sound waves and their Acoustic Wave® music system is still acclaimed as their best product. With a great design and DAB enablement (so you can listen to online broadcasts), the super-sleek ‘radio’ will make for great acoustics both indoors as well as out.

Philip Starck’s Juicy Salif: If you think that orange juicers are all the same, Philip Starck’s infamous design will undoubtedly prove you wrong. The Juicy Salif, which was inspired by a tray of calamari and a lack of lemon to squeeze over it, is hailed as one of the greatest examples of ‘form over function’ by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the napkin Starck first designed the orange juicer on now hangs in the Alessi Museum.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 6000: There are telephones, there are other telephones, and then there is the BeoCom 6000. Renowned for their stylish products, Bang  & Olufsen are world-leaders in sound and telephony and the BeoCom 6000 brings all this together. With added features, such as a base station to connect up to eight phones that can all access the same phonebook, and crystal clear voice reproduction, the phone is a functional art piece.

The Baccarat Ashtray: Smoking might not be the high of sophistication anymore but ashtrays are still a staple object to have around the house. For this purpose Baccarat have designed ashtrays that are later diamond-cut out of solid pieces of crystal, and which look every inch the epitome of style they were meant to be.

Le Creuset Cookware: Best known for their colourful enamelled cast-iron casseroles, Le Creuset’s amazing range of cookware is one that looks marvellous and aids in making meals taste better. Each piece goes through a 12-step process, with at least 15 different people checking for any imperfections or flaws in the final product.