5 Things That Add Value To Your Property

  • 27.August 2013
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bigstock_Documents_on_the_house_168526372When looking to increase the value of your Malta real estate, there are various factors that need to be considered.

This example might be simple but it’s crucial: in today’s Malta real estate market, people expect houses to be air conditioned, and might even be put off if they’re not, but installing air conditioners will not increase the value of a property because it is a standard feature.

The same goes for anything else that might make things function better but that isn’t really evident when people come to view the property – such as installing a new electric system.

The trick with updates that actually add value is to make sure they can be seen and appreciated. So here’s a list of five things that are highly likely to push up your property’s value.

1.     Build An Extension: If you have space to increase the size of your house, be it horizontally or vertically, do it. Having extra living space is never a waste, and an extra bedroom or office will surely boost your your real estate in Malta’s. What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that this should not ruin the over-all feel of the house; in other words, extensions should not feel or look ‘extra’.

2.     Revamp Your Kitchen and Bathroom: Nothing has more of a ‘wow’ factor than a gorgeous new kitchen or a sumptuous new bathroom. These are very expensive investments, and viewers are more likely to discount properties with rooms that are falling to pieces.

3.     Add a Garage: If you have space to build a garage, or if there is one in the vicinity, then consider investing in it and selling it with the property. Parking is becoming increasingly impossible and a garage could easily add an extra €10-20k to your property, especially if it’s in a very busy area like Sliema, St Julian’s, Valletta or Victoria in Gozo.

 4.     Make It Look Nice From The Outside: Looking at St John’s Co-Cathedral from the outside, you’d brush it off as yet another modest church, even though it’s really not!  When you’re selling your property in Malta, make sure that the outside looks impeccable. Your front doors and windows should be clean, and if they are made from wood be sure they are given a lick of paint. Also, try adding character by popping some plants outside.

5.     Basement? Washroom? Use Them! If your house has any of the aforementioned rooms, make the most out of them. Install a bar area in your basement, or turn it into a games room. Turn your washroom into a living space and your roof into a garden – the important thing is to give each space character and purpose.

A reputable Malta real estate agent may also guide you in the right direction to ensuring your achieves top dollar as well sells within a minimum time.