5 Things That Make Your House More Sellable

  • 23.August 2013
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plant_hand_givingYou may live in a great location, and may have endless space or stunning traditional features, but a bad first impression could nevertheless damage your chances of selling your property in Malta.  Here’s how to avoid those pitfalls.

  1. Make Your Property Look Smart: Polish your front doorknob, make sure there are no leaves or rubbish in front of your house, and place some plants outside to add character. First impressions are terribly important, and an unwelcoming façade is sure to deter attention from your home’s best assets.
  2. Make It Impersonal: When viewing a house, people want to see themselves in it and not you or your family. When getting ready to have house viewings, de-clutter and depersonalise your house as much as possible. Put away photos, teddies and souvenirs – anything that screams ‘you’ and not ‘buy me!’ needs to go. Make sure your Malta real estate agent sends you an SMS before they get to your door so you are prepared with a smile.
  3. Make It Welcoming: Paint your entrance hall in a light hue, pop some fresh flowers in a vase and light some scented candles. Make sure the kitchen and the bathroom are spotless, the beds are made, and everything is clean and in order. Even spritz a light fragrance around before the potential buyers walk through the door. After all, when things are dirty or look messy, they detract from the actual vantage points of the house.
  4. Outdoors Is Just As Important: If you have a yard, garden, or roof terrace, make sure it is as well kept as your indoors. Pop a table and some chairs out there to make it look like a nice place to spend time. People want a home they can relax in, and showing them how easy it would be to chill at your property can make a substantial difference. Plus, remember that, especially in Malta, any outside space is considered to be an incredible asset and one that could just seal that deal.
  5. Make Minor Repairs: If a door’s hinges need some oil, then go for it. If a glass pane is broken, fix it. If a light bulb has burnt out, replace it. These are the little things that will hardly devalue your house, but which will definitely get noticed by those on the hunt for that perfect property. Investing just a couple of hundred euro to spruce those issues could prove very worthwhile.

It is understandable that there is sentimental value in the home that you have made yours for a number of years but Malta real estate statistics prove that the more you detach yourself from the home and focus on the above 5 tips will get you half the way there.  It is recommended in today’s buyers’ market that you engage a reputable Malta real estate agent that will get your property noticed.  Real estate agents in Malta that are tuned into the market are well aware of properties in your area and may have even sold a similar property in your street.