5 Ways to Organise a Kid’s Room

  • 11.September 2019
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A child’s room doesn’t need to be boring to be well organised!

We all have memories of childhood bedrooms covered in toys, crayons and posters, because that’s exactly what a kid’s room should be like: fun, playful and colourful. By anticipating your child’s needs for their room now as they grow, you’re guaranteed to win the organisational success game. Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Storage, storage, storage

Children attract clutter – there’s no two ways about it. From soft toys and books to colouring pencils and puzzles, kids have a lot of stuff. So, good storage is essential. Start with primary furniture such as built-in closets and shelves, which are storage lifesavers. Then, think of free-standing chests of drawers or cubbies with baskets, but ensure they’re securely fastened to the wall – safety first!

We then recommend finding innovative storage solutions that make your doors and walls work for you – something which so many companies now excel at. Think of hanging baskets for the back of the door, boxes to slide under the bed, and book bins and stuffed animal bins, which are easy for children to use themselves.

  1. Choose the right bed

We can’t speak about great storage without mentioning beds. Think about how the bed can be more than just a place for your child to sleep, and choose a bed that won’t be outgrown within a year or two, especially if you’re on a budget. You child will reach a time when they’ll want to have sleepovers, so single beds that have a pull-out second bed are ideal.

Bunk beds are a heavenly gift for saving space. But, don’t fall into the trap of not using the lower bunk. Top bunks with a storage or a play area below are fantastic when space is limited. If bunk beds aren’t an option for you, explore the many storage beds on the market.

  1. Create flexible décor

Peppa Pig and Spiderman are all well and good at a certain age, but what happens when your child’s tastes change? Flexibility in décor is paramount. Kids’ rooms stand the test of time if the permanent, foundational design is neutral and sophisticated so that it doesn’t need to be changed as children grow.

Rather than using something permanent like cartoon-covered wallpaper, bring colour and childlike fun into the room using temporary décor that can be changed cheaply and easily. Some ideas include brightly-coloured cushions and bedspreads, fun rugs and storage boxes, notice boards to stick pictures to or hanging string to peg artworks to.

  1. Sshh it’s the quiet zone

Kids’ rooms are generally about two things: playing and sleeping. But, if the room is big enough, how about creating an area that encourages quiet time for reading, colouring and creativity? It’s important that the quiet zone is well lit and not overcrowded to avoid overstimulation. A desk, a chair, a comfy rug and a fun bean bag always work well in a quiet zone.

  1. Have regular clear outs

Regular clear outs are vital to keep on top of things. It’s a kid’s room, so mess is inevitable – but, by making tidying fun, you can get the little ones to help out! If your children are no longer excited by certain toys or clothes, take these to the charity shop so another child can use them and you can avoid clutter.

Ultimately, however, tips and tricks will only get you so far. At RE/MAX Malta, we know that the most crucial aspect of keeping a kid’s room organised is having the right space. So, think long and hard about what you want and need out of your kid’s room when looking for your next family home.

Confused about the best space for a kid’s room? Contact us today, and we’ll have you moving into the ideal family home in no time!