60 Minutes Closer to your Dream Career

  • 05.August 2020
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Find out why a career in real estate could be your perfect next step, at this week’s 60 Minutes with RE/MAX webinar. You can register here.

2020 has, so far, been a challenging year for the world.

The COVID-19 global pandemic made many businesses grind to a halt, causing a domino effect across countless sectors.

Yet, by contrast, the real estate industry continued to buy, sell and rent property throughout the crisis. And, by extension, those working in the industry continued to operate.

That isn’t to say that the real estate market didn’t have to counter and adapt to the many challenges of this difficult time. It did. But all the while, one thing remained constant: that those working specifically with RE/MAX Malta have weathered the storm.

This job security and support in the face of crisis is just one of the long list of benefits of being part of the RE/MAX family. And now it’s time for you to learn how to join that family yourself.

In this week’s edition of the online webinar series ‘60 minutes with RE/MAX’, office manager Carmen Valletta, office manager and franchise owner Joe Caruana Curran, and training consultant Paul Vincenti will talk about what else new recruits can expect when joining RE/MAX as a real estate agent. Here’s a sneak peek.

The Training

With RE/MAX you get exceptional training throughout your career. From your first day on the job, to the day your retire, there are focused, one-of-a-kind training programmes available to help you grow, learn and succeed. After all, the more you learn, the more you earn.

The culture of training and support at RE/MAX means that there’s a comprehensive curriculum of classroom and online training available for all real estate professionals, delivered by some of the world’s best trainers from both the real estate and business worlds.

Newbies attend a three-week condensed course to give you a real estate foundation as well as to tap into your individual strengths and career goals, with a mentor to guide you as you take on you first client and beyond. More experienced agents could hit the next level through the ‘Career and Succeed’ course, or perhaps join the elite through the Richard Robbins Masters Course. There’s something for everyone, ready to guide you to the top of your real estate game.

The Power of a #1 Global Brand

When it comes to real estate – not just in Malta but around the world – your reputation really does precede you. That’s why being a part of the RE/MAX brand gives a real estate agent a boost that money and time simply cannot buy.

As an instantly recognisable, global brand, RE/MAX tops independent surveys everywhere for having the best, most knowledgeable, most trustworthy real estate professionals who offer a dedicated, second-to-none service. There are even radio, television, online and print campaigns about it.

Clients will know, even before they have met their agent, that they are the real deal. This unbeatable reputation and trust of the RE/MAX brand can help any agent get closer to closing that deal.

And now that new legislation states that real estate agents must be licensed to join a real estate agency, at RE/MAX licensing is provided in-house – another benefit of being part of the leading real estate brand.

The Tools

RE/MAX knows that the best agents have access to the best tools. Using the latest technology saves time, boosts business, helps you give a more efficient service, builds a network and simplifies life for everyone.

Real estate professionals at RE/MAX have a customised database to help them keep on top of all their transactions. There is also the extensive, innovative, and up-to-date RE/MAX properties database – often voted in independent surveys to be the best available in Malta. Marry that with a wealth of other online tools, as well as dedicated Marketing, Finance, and Technology teams, and the support network of an agent is complete.

The Team

The family atmosphere at RE/MAX is as renowned as the service it delivers. It is understood that everyone on the team has a life beyond the job – with their families, with their friends, and in their communities.

Understanding this has created a culture of caring that goes several steps further at RE/MAX. In 2013, the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation was launched, born out of the team’s desire to help a colleague and his family following the worst possible health news. Today, the Foundation not just supports team members in need when the going gets tough, but the team also generously donates its time, care and efforts to various other charitable causes across the island. Put simply: RE/MAX cares.

The Team #2

 Yes, teamwork at RE/MAX is so important, we’ve said it twice.

In fact, the RE/MAX team is not limited to the Maltese islands – the brand incorporates those who dream big the world over.

This gives local agents greater access to exclusive networking opportunities, as well as ensuring that RE/MAX Malta remains diverse, multi-cultural, and with the knowledge and contacts to take clients anywhere they want in the world.

The Solutions

 At the end of ‘60 minutes with RE/MAX’, there is a Q&A session for anyone to join in anonymously and ask the burning questions they have about being a RE/MAX real estate agent.

So tune in to the next RE/MAX webinar to find out all you need to know about a real estate career that offers unlimited earning potential, time flexibility, a powerful brand, the latest technology, a family atmosphere within a global team, and so much more.

Join the ‘60 minutes with RE/MAX’ webinar from 7pm on Thursday 6 August by signing up here.