7 Simple Steps to Adding Luxury to Your Home

  • 09.April 2021
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Making your home feel luxurious can be quick, easy and budget-friendly

 How to make your home luxurious?

In the world of real estate, the word ‘luxury’ tends to point towards high-end finishes, comfort combined with convenience, and an elegant, calm and curated quality.

‘Luxury’ can sometimes also be a byword for ‘expensive’ – but it need not be.

Indeed, making your home feel more luxurious, welcoming and high-end can be both cost-effective and simple, just by following any of these seven luxury upgrades.

1. Select high-end finishes and accessories

home finishes

From your furniture to your ornaments, what you choose to put into your home can all help create a luxury vibe.

Adding touches of high-end materials such as solid wood, leather, marble, metallics, crystal or antique gold can instantly elevate the look and feel of the whole space. But buying these items need not break the bank – check out Facebook marketplace or the local antiques markets for vintage pieces that will bring both character and luxury to your home, with an affordable price tag.

Likewise, a well-placed jar candle that offers flickering candlelight as well as a delicious scent is a lux secret used by interior designers worldwide.

2. Go for greenery

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Fresh flowers and houseplants are an easy way to instantly bring glamour to any room, giving a burst of colour, scent and texture.

Plants also work as a clever way to make a statement focal point, particularly if you choose a high-quality pot or vase. From small ones on shelves to huge ones that fill unused corners, just visit a garden centre for inspiration on how you can channel real estate luxury through greenery.

3. Stay neutral

Selecting a neutral palette for your home can help turn it into a calm, tranquil haven. Painting walls and adding larger pieces of furniture in shades of grey, brown and ivory give the illusion of a more open space.

What’s more, this neutral, classic backdrop makes it easier for you to add colourful and textured accents that are easier – and less costly – to update in years to come.  

4. Consider feature walls

While most of your home may use neutral hues, adding an eye-catching statement wall can be a luxurious focal point that defines new spaces, such as a home office area.

If you opt for a solid colour on your feature wall, going for monochromatic high contrast schemes in black, white and charcoal shades can offer a chic touch of drama.

Wallpaper is also a fun way to inject some interest, texture and pattern into your space – but make sure your choice of wallpaper stays within the room’s main colour scheme, so that it works with, rather than against, your room’s lux aesthetic.

5. Upcycle your upholstery

Make the most of your existing furniture and upholstery by giving it a budget-friendly upgrade.

Revitalise old or tatty armchairs, cushions or throw covers with fresh upholstery using tactile materials such as on-trend velvets or chunky textured knits.

And while you are revamping your chairs, consider trying your hand at another upcycling project such as repainting or adding gold leaf to a coffee table or mirror, giving your home’s lux vibe a further boost.

6. Lux it up with lighting

Updating old or broken light fixtures throughout your home is an easy fix that can transform a space from harsh and sterile to luxurious and cosy.

Switch up the overhead lights with uplighters or statement fixtures such as pendants, while also adding other artificial light sources lower down in the room to boost the ambience. This is your opportunity to splash out on interesting coffee table-worthy lamps as well as floor-standing lamps that offer a gentle, warming glow.

When it comes to lighting, don’t forget about the natural light in your home. Make sure all your windows are bright and clean to make the most of any natural light streaming through them, then consider adding thoughtfully placed mirrors to bounce it around the room. Remember, in the interior design world, a well-lit room is often considered a luxurious one.

7. Clear the space

One of the most straightforward ways to make your home feel luxurious is by creating more open space. While for some, this may mean splashing out on a new extension or loft conversion, for most, this just signals that it is time to give your home a deep clean and clear out.

The first step here is to declutter, dust and ditch any unused or unwanted items in your home. Keep only the carefully selected pieces that are vital to your lifestyle, or – as per the mantra of organisation guru Marie Kondo – bring you joy.

By integrating some clever storage solutions and displaying your chosen pieces at their best, you will have curated an open, spacious room that feels calm, organised and, of course, luxurious.

The RE/MAX takeaway

Your RE/MAX agent can help you add luxury in your home, transforming it into your dream space as well as boosting its resale value in years to come. Get in touch today at www.remax-malta.com.