8 ways RE/MAX’s latest technology suite makes it the most innovative real estate company in Europe.

  • 21.February 2020
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RE/MAX Malta has always been a company that cultivates great ideas. Every person on the team is encouraged to think outside the box and come forward with concepts that could drive progress or increase performance.

Yet, for over 15 years, the local real estate giant has relied on international third party software companies to turn those ideas into reality. This made sense at the start, but the evolution of technology within the industry is now changing at unprecedented rates.

As a company, RE/MAX Malta always wants to be ahead of the curve, and could no longer rely on others to swiftly introduce new technologies to the team.

Enter: Onyx.

RE/MAX Malta is thrilled to launch a new technology developed completely in-house. A state-of-the-art real estate suite that’s targeted to help improve the productivity of the 300-strong team of sales associates, brokers and managers. 

The setup is the result of a long-term dream that’s been brewing between the company’s current CTO and CIO, Sammy Zammit, and founders Kevin and Jeffrey Buttigieg.

Sammy has been with RE/MAX Malta both as a consultant and full-time employee for over 15 years, and has had several roles within the company, including technical support officer, CTO, CMO and CIO. Throughout his time at the company, Sammy dreamt of setting up a software company within RE/MAX itself to allow the company to create software at the very forefront of the industry.

That dream has finally become a reality.

8 ways Onyx is driving innovation

Real innovation doesn’t focus on flashy gimmicks. It recognises pain points and bottlenecks in the process and works to iron them out through real solutions. That’s exactly what this platform was built to do, in a number of ways:

  1. Powerful real estate management
    At its very core, the Real Estate Management module called Fusion will give every user an overview of the properties on the market. This is the main tool that professional real estate agents will utilise for their role, and provides associates with several different ways to service their client and find the perfect property for them.

  2. A client-first approach
    The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Module that’s built into the platform will allow every agent to keep track of their clients’ priorities, preferences and requirements for their property search. This will give agents the support they need to elevate their relationships with their clients, making the entire experience more positive, efficient and memorable for all parties.

  3. Individual focus

The Human Resources module within the platform was designed to make all HR functions a seamless process across the company, meaning that even in a team of over 300, every employee is seen and managed individually according to his or her needs.

  1. Smooth operation
    The experience, journey and interface of the platform was designed with the end-user in mind, making it as user-friendly as possible. The company has already received very positive feedback about this, and is determined to maintain the user-friendliness as the platform grows.

  2. Multi-device access
    The software is web-based and available on desktop computers, but it doesn’t end there. The real estate management module, marketing and CRM modules will also be available on both iOS and Android App stores in the coming weeks. This is a huge step forward, considering that agents spend so much of their time out of the office with clients. They will now have the company’s database and tools at their fingertips.

  3. Real-time analysis & statistics
    The fully-fledged statistics and reporting system gives all users the ability to monitor performance, while providing the public with real-time analysis of the real estate market situation. It’s yet another module within the platform that positions the company as the leader in technology for real estate.

  4. Instant notifications for agents – and clients!
    Associates will be in tune with the market at every moment. The programme includes a notification system that can prompt the agent, or, optionally, the client when properties that fall within the customer’s criteria come on to the market – in real time.

  5. A new approach to marketing

The built-in Marketing module goes a step further by allowing key information in the database to be shared with individual clients at the click of a button. Sales associates can send properties that match their client’s criteria in various marketing templates and formats, such as email, PDF and video. In Sammy’s own words: “The system has been built to provide both the agent and the client with a seamless experience, which will help make purchasing a property more memorable and positive”.

8 features. 8 innovations. 8 ways to increase the speed of service, and improve the overall customer journey at RE/MAX.

It’s only the beginning for Onyx and the development team. This is a first for Malta, but it doesn’t end here. It’s the company’s intention to develop more tools going forward – including a fully-functional customer-facing app by the end of June 2020.

It’s an exciting time, and you could be a part of it. If you want to be part of the team that’s at the forefront of the real estate industry, visit join.remax-malta.com.