An Irishman who came to Malta and loved it

  • 14.May 2014
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An Irishman who came to Malta and loved it After working for some years in his hometown, Dubliner Brian Byrne moved to London with his wife Margaret. This was a huge challenge but if you make it there you will make it anywhere. Brian made it and loved it.

Then a few years ago Brian led the project to set up office here for the financial company he works for. Malta was on Brian’s itinerary every few weeks and he started dipping into the island’s culture and lifestyle and quite liking it.

However, spending a few days is totally different from living here permanently. After the excitement of working in finance in London Malta sounds slightly drab, maybe even a backwoods. So, when Brian had the opportunity to move to work for the Malta operation, he was initially hesitant but, with Kevin Buttigieg from RE/MAX as his guide, he embraced Malta and all it offers. He and Margaret now feel they are living their own Maltese dream.

They have been here for almost three years and have had their fair share of exciting moments. The highlight is the birth of their daughter at Mater Dei, Malta’s state-of-the-art hospital, shortly after they moved here with their son. Malta definitely transformed itself into a home away from home for the Byrne family.

Kevin and his RE/MAX team helped Brian find his first rented accommodation and subsequently proceeded to find the ideal place for the Byrnes to purchase. But, as Brian says enthusiastically, “Kevin was not just a good estate agent in finding the property we needed without any hassle. He was a man who would give us great contacts—for furniture, food and anything which any newcomer to a country needs.”

Kevin loves accolades for him and for RE/MAX and his reaction is incredible—he might seem like a big talker but when he is praised he pours more passion into his relationship with clients, who quickly become friends. That’s Kevin as Brian knows him—a man with tremendous passion for all he does and for all his friends.

Brian and Margaret both love the Malta lifestyle. They appreciate the obvious sun-drenched climate, the hospitable people and good food. But they also consider the island amazingly safe for them and especially for their two little children. Schooling is good and health-care, as they experienced when their daughter was born, is impressive. The fact that Malta is now soundly set on the financial map is the ultimate feather in its cap for Brian. All this, combined with choosing Tignè Point as their base, makes the island a hard place to beat.

Brian didn’t just want to buy wherever he, or his wife, liked. True to his financial acumen, he made his calculations and he delved deep into what the property they liked will be worth in time. Buying property in Malta made sound financial sense to Brian—a good place to be in and to also see the asset appreciate. Tignè Point was the chosen place as it ticked all the boxes for the Byrnes.

When they decided to purchase an apartment Kevin showed Brian just a few apartments. This was not because he didn’t want to show too many but because, as Brian says, “Kevin doesn’t just get to know you. He gets to know what you like, what you need, what is good for you. He is definitely the man for you in Malta and I recommend him and RE/MAX to all my friends.”

With pure Irish pixiness Brian concludes “If I had any enemies—or knew about them—I’d surely recommend Kevin to them. Not out of love for them but because my recommendation would surely turn them from angry enemies into happy, satisfied friends.”


Victor Calleja
Post by Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja is a journalist specialising in people profiles that make easy, but insightful, reading. He blogs in, and writes occasional pieces for, The Times of Malta. His writing is known for its light and humorous touches with a serious twist that amuse the reader while making them think. Victor also writes for a select number of top companies and is the editor of Insider, Malta’s only hospitality magazine.