Are real estate agents important in today’s market?

  • 17.July 2012
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Everyone has their own views of what they may expect in terms of service standards from a real estate agent in Malta.   Some individuals often expect a Malta real estate agent to read their minds, wave a magic wand and deliver the perfect home immediately.   Many have more realistic expectations and understand that there is a required process of thought and homework required in order for an estate agent to deliver the correct service.  Unfortunately there are others out there that have limited expectations and only use a real estate agent for a period of time to later dispose of their service due to their ideology that they now understood the market enough to be able to find a property in Malta on their own and save on the agent’s commission.  This article has been written to reiterate the importance of the real estate agent in today’s market.

The reality of today’s market is that a professional real estate agent in Malta is playing a much bigger role in selling homes than they have ever done before.  With a market that has a very high supply of property available and a demand that is less than that, home owners are reaching out more and more and becoming dependent on Malta real estate agencies to market their properties with an objective to sell them quicker and at the right price.  In fact, due to such a shift in the mindset where property owners once upon a time ago dictated their prices, today they are relying heavily on the professional advice of estate agents to provide them the much needed guidance.  Though it is true that many homeowners still prefer to take advice from heresy, neighbours, friends or architects they are becoming wiser because it has been proven time and time again that the only people that can provide the correct knowledgeable advice of the market are the people working in it on a daily basis.  Can a dentist tell you what may be wrong with your foot?  Of course not, someone in their right mind would seek advice from a podiatrist, someone that is specialised in that field of medicine.  The same goes with a real estate agent.  Given the opportunity, a real estate agent today if properly educated, will provide an excellent service and save you time and money when selling your home.

The importance of using an estate agent in Malta when buying a property in Malta is also growing.  Real estate education has played a major role in providing a much better and credible reputation to estate agents in Malta that have taken to the task of investing in a much needed resource in the industry.  One must realise that real estate training is not at all about “Getting the Next Sale”, it’s about service and understanding the customers’ needs so to be empowered to provide a better, superior service.  For example, real estate agents in Malta should have a good knowledge of the market that they work in but they must also understand the essential ways on how to professionally ask the right questions and utilize the right tools so that they can build a relationship with their customer and guide them accordingly so that they can assist their customers to making a knowledgeable decision.   If you agree with this, than you will also understand that it is impossible for an estate agent to supply an expected service if a customer does not uncover the full information regarding their requirements.

A properly educated Malta real estate agent is trained to diagnose the requirements, prep you for what you should expect, and provide you with ideal solutions based on what information you have provided.  This is why you may be asked if you have visited the bank yet.  This is a fundamental question that may seem to be private and only personal, but if you haven’t yet it should be your starting point.  Knowing what you can spend in relation to what you may be borrowing from the bank is a crucial element of knowledge which if you may be misinformed, you are bound to get disappointed when you’ve decided on something and you realise that the bank will only give an amount that isn’t sufficient enough to purchase that property.  We won’t discuss any other tips here but just this example is something that should open your eyes if you haven’t thought about it.  And if your real estate agent isn’t asking you questions than that’s also a sign for you that you need to change.

This blog was not only written to reiterate the importance of the Malta real estate agent in today’s market but is also to remind everyone that there are professional real estate agents out there.  All you have to do is find a reputable name and follow your nose.  Hope this was interesting enough.  Click like below if you liked this article.

Jeff Buttigieg
Post by Jeff Buttigieg

Jeff Buttigieg is Co-Founder and COO of RE/MAX Malta and JK Properties Ltd. He overseas the marketing, PR, IT and business development of the company. He has a vast experience in real estate having been an associate and manager himself for several years.