How to Choose an Interior Designer

25.November 2013

When you’re planning to transform the interior of your home, commercial outlet or any real estate in Malta into something stunning, beautiful and pleasant to live with – you may not always have the skills…

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The impact of colour to your home

02.October 2013

Colour can be your greatest ally in three very different instances where property is concerned. Firstly, colour can help you transform a new real estate into a home that speaks about you and about your…

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History of the Maltese Balcony

31.August 2013

One of the best ways to appreciate the impact of the Maltese balcony is to walk the perimeter of lower Valletta and see the rows of balconies sitting one atop another, looking similar to eyes, where each property in Valletta watches silently over Valletta’s part of the water.

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Buying property in Malta

Home blogs vs Home mags

11.December 2012

There was a time when my only tangible inspiration surrounding interiors was to be found uniquely in glossy, picture-packed magazines that cost an eyeball in monetary worth. The plus side was that each purchased magazine…

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