Relocating to Malta

First time buyers

Why Would I Live In Gozo?

28.July 2014

Only around a fourth of Malta’s size, Gozo is a haven that still has traditionalism at heart, but what makes living there special? Malta’s sister island, Gozo, is only 67km² and is home to around…

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What makes buyers tick

10.October 2013

 In a buyers’ market scenario such as the one presently found in Malta, there is a lot to keep in mind when trying to sell your house. Competing with the rest of the other sellers…

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Living in Valletta

01.September 2013

A typical comment from new visitors to the city of Valletta is that it brings a surprise around each and every corner. Perhaps it was one of the reasons why UNESCO voted it as a…

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Moving house with less hassle – Part 2

31.October 2012

There are several things which, similarly to reading material, can be easily dispensed of at the packing stage of the relocation process. Attack kitchen cupboards. This room is another good place to find a miscellany…

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