Home improvements


The Rising Trend of Lifts in the Home

22.June 2014

As technology becomes ever more affordable and attainable, it is no wonder that one of the latest trends to hit the home sector is having a lift at your disposal. Going up? Stair chair lifts…

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Buying property in Malta

The Biggest Seller Mistakes

18.June 2014

Throughout the time I’ve worked in real estate in Malta, the property topic has come up in several conversations I’ve had with many acquaintances, friends, business partners and so on. Inevitably, these acquaintances always know someone,…

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First time buyers

Staging like a Pro

26.February 2014

When guests are coming to your property in Malta, you probably go to great pains to prepare for the visit even if they are just popping in for drinks, a bit more if they’re invited…

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