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The Blue Lagoon in Comino

  • 20.May 2021
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How to Plan Your Day Trip to The Blue Lagoon in Comino

Make the most of your visit to one of Malta’s most stunning hidden gems – The Blue Lagoon in Comino.

Set on Comino, the smallest inhabited island on the Maltese archipelago, the Blue Lagoon is a spectacular natural wonder popular with tourists and locals alike.

Named after its crystal-clear blue waters, the Blue Lagoon offers a peaceful getaway ideal for swimming, snorkelling or hiking on the surrounding cliff-face.

But can you experience this Instagram-worthy beauty spot in just one day?

Absolutely! Here is your easy guide to planning your day trip to the Blue Lagoon in Comino.

1. Choose the best time to go

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Although cruises from Malta to the Blue Lagoon tend to mainly operate between April and November and are weather-dependent, there are still better times to visit than others to experience it at its best.

Since it is an increasingly popular – and so, busy – destination, skip the weekends and visit instead on a quieter weekday.

If possible, going outside of Malta’s peak summer ‘beach’ season between June and August may also help you avoid the crowds, as will setting off earlier in the morning around 8am. An early start will also help you beat the heat.

2. Plan how you will get there (and back)

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To get to Comino and visit the Blue Lagoon, you will need to take a short ferry ride.

Your first port of call is to check the ferry schedule either on your smartphone or on a leaflet and select your preferred time for the outbound trip. Make sure to keep this schedule handy throughout your day at Comino, so that you can easily plan your return ferry trip back to Malta whenever you are ready. Most ferry and cruise operators offer easy advance booking online and refund options in case of inclement weather.

As a bonus, the boat journey to and from Comino also offers some breath-taking scenic views of the caves along the coast, as well as of the marine life visible in the sea beneath. Don’t forget your camera!

3. Prepare for the day

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Although you may be able to purchase last-minute supplies on Comino, it is best to go prepared.

First, consider what you might need in terms of sun protection, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, light clothes or an umbrella.

Likewise, make sure to have plenty of drinking water and some snacks in your bag, to keep you going through the day between trying the cocktails or ice-creams at the beach kiosks or dining at the local restaurant.

Along with your camera or smartphone to capture the magnificent views, you will also need some sturdy, comfortable shoes to venture further, and – if you intend to take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon itself – your swimsuit, towel, floaties or snorkelling equipment.

4. Experience the Blue Lagoon

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At last, you can now cross off another bucket-list item with time spent at the Blue Lagoon.

You could relax on the beach or bathe in the transparent, cyan-coloured water of the lagoon, which is shallow around the sandy area and gradually deepens. Don’t miss the chance to snorkel, giving you a fully immersive experience of the colourful marine life set against the pure white sand below.

So popular is this stunning natural wonder that filmmakers have used it as a location in multiple films including The Count of Monte Cristo.

5. Explore the rest of Comino


The original Maltese name for Comino, ‘Kemmuna’, is in honour of one of the many herbs and wildflowers to be found there – cumin. With fewer than 10 humans permanently resident on the island, it serves as a wildlife sanctuary, making it the ideal hiking or rambling escape for nature-lovers.

Covering an area of 3.5 square kilometres, Comino is car-free and almost entirely rural. Aside from the Blue Lagoon, you could also check out its other two popular beaches, San Niklaw Bay and Santa Marija Bay, with the latter home to the island’s only hotel.

As one of the few buildings on Comino, the famous Santa Marija Tower is certainly worth adding to your day trip itinerary. Dating back to the 17th century, it was built as one of a chain of defensive towers that served both as a fortification and as a watchtower to raise the alarm in case of invasion.

And if you loved the Blue Lagoon, why not check out another, just a short walk away towards the south of the island? The Crystal Lagoon has turquoise waters that are just as vibrant – and might just be the perfect sight to complete your day trip to Comino.

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