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9 Signs of the Perfect Neighbourhood

  • 01.April 2021
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Buying Your Dream Home

Buying your dream home is all about location – here’s how to make sure yours is right for you

When buying a home, your checklist will likely include all the details you are looking for in the property itself – but have you considered its location?

Indeed, ‘location, location, location’ is a famous real estate adage – and for good reason, as this is the one thing you will not be able to change about your new home. And since the neighbourhood you are buying into could impact the comfort and convenience of your everyday life for years to come, choosing one is not a decision to be taken lightly. Have a look at these 9 signs that will help you purchase the your dream home.

But how do you know when you have found the perfect one?

Here are nine neighbourhood qualities that signal the time is right to sign on the dotted line, pick up your keys, and start life in a home with a location you love.

1. A like-minded community

property community

The culture shared by your would-be local community is everything when deciding if the neighbourhood will be a good fit for you (and vice versa).

First, check if the recreational activities and facilities on offer locally match your lifestyle. Depending on you or your family’s needs, you might be looking for a nearby green area or park; sports and leisure facilities such as gyms, swimming pools or yoga classes; bike paths or hiking trails – or anything specific to your own lifestyle.

Once you have noted these nearby facilities, it is likely that meeting local people with similar interests will follow.

2. Schools in the area

schools near home malta

Whether or not you have children, schools can affect the value of your home. But how? This is where the local neighbourhood can have a direct impact on the real estate market – and more specifically, on your home’s resale value – since having a school within an easy distance is a major selling point.

But if you do have children who will attend the local school, having it close by will likely have a knock-on effect on other family-oriented amenities available in your area such as parks, childcare facilities or parenting groups.

3. Accessible businesses, shops and supermarkets

shops in malta

Wherever you live, you will need easy access to shops and supermarkets.

It won’t matter if you have found your dream home – if your daily groceries are a long drive away, it just won’t work for you long-term.

As well as grocery stores, you will likely want or need to be close to pharmacies, retail services, bank services, entertainment venues, restaurants and other local businesses.

And don’t forget to also check your potential new home’s proximity to a police or fire station, public transportation, hospitals, clinics, or emergency rooms. You will need to note where these are in due course as a homeowner, so don’t risk waiting until you really need them to discover that these essential services are distant or even inaccessible.

4. Property availability

property availability

A good neighbourhood will have a variety of property types available, from small studio apartments through to larger townhouses.

This is another moment to think about your long-term goals – might you want to upsize or downsize your home in years to come, but stay in the same area? If so, will you be able to find that property locally when the time is right?

5. Parking or car-free friendly

parking in Malta

If you have a car, one of the first things to check is the availability of parking not just near or in front of your new home, but also in and around the local area.

However, an ideal neighbourhood will also give you plentiful options for moving around without your car. Here, check out if it has hiking trails, high-quality pavements, bicycle lanes or pedestrian precincts.

6. Safety and crime rate

police malta

A key part of your neighbourhood checklist should be safety and security.

A vigilant community with good street lighting and police presence will ensure that you have peace of mind whenever you go to the park with your family, walk at night, or leave your home to go on holiday.

7. Distance (and time) to work

distance to work

When it comes to commuting to work every day, it is not just how far you will need to go, but how long the journey will take to and from your new home.

The most straightforward way to establish whether your commute time is feasible is to test run it during peak times, as well as when you expect to be en route.


8. Attractive landscape

malta landscapes

Visually, a great neighbourhood must look appealing.

Take a stroll around your local community and note any interesting architecture or design, along with the lighting and cleanliness of the streets. As you walk, make sure to also check for any noise pollution or unpleasant odours.


9. Plenty of local greenery

greenery in malta

A landscape dotted with plenty of trees can add lots of value and character to any neighbourhood – and, by extension, to your new home too.

With thriving greenery and mature trees, the local area can benefit from more than just aesthetics. The extra shade they offer, along with fresher air and lowered pollution, can all boost your home’s resale value.

The RE/MAX Takeaway

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