Christmas Decorating Trends for 2020

  • 03.December 2020
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2020 is a time to spend the holidays at home, so why not decorate with the cosiest trends of the year?

There is nothing socially distant about Christmas. In fact, the opposite is true: social cohesion is the spirit this year – safety and solidarity. Even more than ever, family matters.

If there is anything we’ve craved this year, it’s been normality and happiness. But guess what – living through a pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t have a merry Christmas. Or that we can’t make it cosier and even more special than ever before.

While the world has been put on pause, our homes – and their interior design – have become even more important. This season we will be decking the halls with our annual favourites, as well as stunning, new Christmas trends. As life has been turned upside down and we’re getting used to the ‘new normal’, we are all the more excited to decorate our homes for the holidays.

We’re bringing you the latest trends for this season to make styling your home as easy as possible this Christmas.

Going green

Good news for those with green fingers: greenery is still in style. This genuine and natural trend seems to be timeless, and we can see why. As we walk through the Christmas woods, the forest provides endless designs and motifs.

The beauty of nature will get to shine alongside the Christmas tree this season. To adopt this natural theme, go for renewable materials, such as cork, bark and wood. These can be complemented with raw materials reminiscent of old craftsmanship, like metal, marble and stone.

Other materials that take pride of place in natural design are dried flowers and grass. Include a traditional gulbiena by your crib and your Christmas decorations will be almost complete! For a tactile feel, you could also add some clay and ceramic ornaments.

The colour palette is full of – but not limited to – nature-inspired colours and vibrant greens. You’ll also see shades of petrol, beech red and light stone. Calm colours of natural vegetation are the way to go for full Christmas cosiness.

And whether you opt for a real pine tree or a reusable artificial one, traditional family ornaments are always a good place to start the tree’s decorations. Include some animals for a real forest feel.


Let’s be honest: we have all been dreaming of the good old days this year. This theme of nostalgia takes us back to grandma’s attic for vintage holiday decorations. Both graceful and poetic, what’s not to love? They’ll give your décor a calming yet luxurious feel.

As part of the nostalgic theme, how about a powder pink Christmas? The pastel colours range brings delicate hues to the festivities – think beige, sky blue, blush and rose gold. Fresh, feminine shades go alongside soft, creamy nuances seamlessly. Whichever colours you choose, you’ll never go wrong with some finishing touches of silver.

And give some thought to your choice of materials. Place silk decorations alongside flowers, artworks, embroidery and beadwork. Delicate materials like fine glass and textiles will fit right in, and add sequins for a sparkly Christmas. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the iconic ceramic Christmas trees that are making a comeback!

Happy get-together

One of this year’s top interior design trends is the new way of urban living. With a focus on recycling and fresh, appetising shades, everyone will feel right at home in this theme.

Think bold, bright colours – guaranteed to be popular among the little ones. Combine freshly pressed lemonade shades with a warm colour spectrum for a balanced palette. And remember: spicy tones mean cosy homes! With such cheerful, vibrant colours, everyone will be guaranteed to smile upon seeing your gorgeous home. Focusing on fun and laughter, this trend is both cosy and cocooning.

Traditional Christmas

Are you on a tight budget? Luckily, long-held Christmas traditions never go out of style. Decorating your home with classic greens and reds while adding some sparkle with golden details is a sure way of giving you and your loved ones a classy Christmas this year.

And don’t shy away from using what you’ve already got. In this day and age, sustainability is not a trend – it’s a necessity. Handcrafted gifts and decorations and recycled materials are the way to go. If you’re looking for something new, think local – are there any local artisans and vendors around you? Or perhaps you can craft some ornaments yourself. Let your creativity flow with this one! Old fabrics can be turned into vintage decorations, while paper waste can be repurposed as papier-mâché.

If you’re thinking of stepping foot into a new home this Christmas, get in touch with RE/MAX Malta for the best professional advice on how your property dreams can come true.