CHUCK LEMIRE – RE/MAX Europe’s Chief Operating Officer – Proud to be part of a winning team.

  • 10.April 2010
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csi4100We recently were looking at the iRed Magazine, published in Spain for International markets and the Spanish network and came across an interview with Mr. Chuck Lemire, The COO of RE/MAX Europe. 

It comes at a good time to publish this for our readers considering Mr. Lemire will be in Malta for a 2 day training Seminar, April 22nd – 23rd.   Everybody will have a chance to meet Mr. Lemire on the 22nd during his stay at the scheduled event “60 minutes with RE/MAX”, an educational hour about RE/MAX.  Please find hereunder the interview: 


With a passion for people and excellence, Chuck Lemire is proud to head up RE/MAX Europe and believes that the brand name will continue to set a benchmark worldwide for the highest levels of service in the real estate industry.


1. – Please explain to us what your role is for RE/MAX Europe

 My role as Chief Operating Officer includes a wide variety of functions and focus to drive the business to exponential growth. With my team in Vienna we manage the regions in areas including franchise sales, brand placement, education, technology, public relations, communications, regulatory/political and legal competency.


2.- Please tell us a little bit about your extraordinary career in real estate and with RE/MAX.

In my opinion, my career has not been extraordinary, I still see myself as I was

when I was 22. To begin with, I knew nothing about real estate but worked hard and was keen to learn. Having had property buyers in the back of my car that wanted a nice home I spent a lot of time at kitchen tables with sellers listening to both sellers and buyers and responding to their needs and wants. Now I am the Chief Operating Officer of Europe’s largest real estate company. I believe that life is what you make it.


3. – Why did you decide to grow RE/MAX in Europe and move to Vienna with your family?

I decided to accept this position because I truly felt that I could help RE/MAX on a long-term basis which included helping its staff to grow and assisting clients find their dream properties. I also have a great deal of admiration and respect for Mr. Polzler and Mr. Schneider, our owners, and when they asked me to join their team, it was an easy YES!


4. –       How was RE/MAX in Europe when your first arrived and how is it now?

When I first arrived in Vienna, RE/MAX had 9,000 agents and 1,550 offices. However, most recently, we have seen and experienced the effects of the current financial climate that Spain and Iceland has suffered. I am proud that we now have over 1,600 offices and over 10,000 agents. Our competition has diminished and we have grown!


5. – Where do you think RE/MAX in Europe will be in five years time?

In five years time we have the potential to grow to 4,000 offices and 50,000 agents. You will see RE/MAX signs everywhere!


6. – In your opinion, Why is RE/MAX different to other real estate companies?

RE/MAX is different because of our people. Our staff don’t ask for constant guidance but work on their own initiative to achieve the best results, maintaining quality of service and customer focus at all times.


7. – In Europe the real estate business is undergoing transformation. In your opinion what is going to happen over the next few years?

In the future banks will move away from the real estate business and there will be one central portal for all property information. Brokers will openly cooperate with each other, they will share commissions and there will be a serious decline in the percentage of property that will be sold direct from sellers to buyers. Consumers will see the real value of a real estate professional.


8. – Please, explain to us what it means to be a RE/MAX Associate Agent and especially in comparison to the usual real estate agents across Europe?

The difference between our RE/MAX agents and other agents is their commitment to the customer and their community. Other agents from other companies feel they work for the company as employees so they work for the commission or the best interests of the company. Our agents are in business for themselves so they focus on what’s best for their customers like all great businesses.


 9. – What is a Broker?

A broker is someone who makes a large financial investment and is dedicated to care, trust, resources of education and technology for their associate to work in.


10. What is a RE/MAX office?

A RE/MAX office is a group of individuals that work as agents and administrators under one corporate heading to serve the needs of their customers and clients. Our offices are defined by the people, not the shop front.  I know of a RE/MAX office that has 245 agents working from just a 90m2 office! 


11. – How is RE/MAX doing in Canada and the USA?.

The Canadian market is still one of the hottest and most stable on the planet and the USA market, although still in turmoil, has seen RE/MAX agents doing better than ever. In tough times the tough get going, and the strong survive and the weak perish.


12.- How do referrals work between RE/MAX offices worldwide?

Because of the sheer scale of the worldwide RE/MAX operation, we are able to connect with 73 countries, 7,000 offices and over 100,000 agents. This means that internationally, there is a global network which enables people in St Petersburg (for example) to view information on property for sale in Mälaga. 


13.- What are the advantages of the network?

The advantages of our network are too many to name! co-operation, care, support, freedom, independence, learning skills, new marketing techniques, unlimited referrals, making friends. The list is too long!


14.- Have you ever visited the Costa del Sol?

I have not been to the Costa del Sol. My sister spent her honeymoon there years ago. She studied in Madrid. I have been as close as Valencia to one side and Huelva on the other.


15.- What are your initial thoughts about the Costa del Sol?

Great beaches, great weather and a great infrastructure! In my opinion, the three things that determine great value and a good investment in real estate are Location, Location and Location! 


16.- We (RE/MAX Eralia) are based on the Costa del Sol, but how can you explain to our readers how the RE/MAX network can help worldwide vendors and buyers?

You have every resource at your fingertips! The small broker down the street from you does not. That doesn’t mean that the company down the street from you is not a great person or professional, but it means you have more than they do and we would be honored if they wanted to work with RE/MAX too.


17.- Would you like to add anything else?

All I can say is that it is an absolute honour to have been involved with the RE/MAX Eralia team in Marbella! The team have set an extremely high benchmark in customer service which sets a great example to others and their team travel and help others. I am very proud to work closely with RE/MAX Eralia! 


•  Born in 1963, the native New Englander lives with his wife and children in Vienna, Austria

•  He has been part of the RE/MAX operation for the last 11 years

•  His experience and leadership are valuable resources to the franchise owners and agents

•  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in franchise sales and business development

•  His primary focus today is on The growth of RE/MAX Europe

•  Chuck is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of service offered by RE/MAX

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