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9 DIY Home Improvement Projects Every Property Owner Should Know

  • 28.January 2021
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9 DIY Home Improvement Projects 

Attention DIYers: now’s the time to take on a new DIY home improvements project! After all, we’re in the midst of winter – the perfect time to huddle up inside and craft to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or professional carpenter, the joy of DIY is that there’s a project to suit every ability.

And for new homeowners, how better to make your mark on your new home than with your own hands? So, once you’ve secured an awesome deal on the right property with the help of an expert agent and got your keys in hand, it’s time to start.

Here are 9 DIY projects to help you transform your house into a home.

1. Upcycled crates


Required skills: none 


You’ll need: wooden crates, screwdrivers, sandpaper, paint (optional)


Planning to throw out a couple of wooden crates? Don’t! These versatile containers can be turned into a variety of useful objects.


Simply sand them down to use them as planters or storage boxes. If you’ve got more than one, combine them to create a coffee table or desk. Once that’s put together, get your family involved in the painting process for a fun weekend activity.


2. Ready-to-assemble furniture

home furniture improvements

Required skills: none


You’ll need: workspace, screwdrivers, paint (optional)


Do you remember using LEGO for your ambitious building projects as a child? Well then, you’ve got enough training for this easy DIY project.


First, buy your flat-pack furniture (think IKEA or similar). Then, unbox and let the fun begin. Following the assembly instructions can be hard at times, but it’s worth it if it means pocketing more savings.


Pro tip: stay organised by labelling nails, brackets and other items.


3. Bookshelf


Required skills: beginner woodworking


You’ll need: workbench (ideal but not necessary), wooden planks, saw, drill, paint (optional)


Bookshelves add warmth and character to any room. And in this age of remote working, they’ve even been voted one of the most popular backgrounds for online meetings. So, if you know your way around basic carpentry skills, why not give this DIY project a go?


The squarish setup of most bookshelves makes them a beginner-friendly project – and an opportunity for you to master attaching wooden planks at 90-degree angles. Whether you’re updating your small office or spacious living room, bookshelves are also easy to customise to any size.


4. Pet furniture

Required skills: beginner to intermediate woodworking, sewing


You’ll need: various pet-friendly materials


Dog beds, cat trees, rabbit playpens…sure, you can buy assembled ones, but who wouldn’t take on a DIY challenge for their furrier family members?

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are ideas aplenty online. That said, whichever project you take on, make sure to use pet-safe materials. And remember: your pet won’t care if the result is not perfect. They’ll be happy to have a new space or object to sit on, sleep under and play around in.


5. Fabric projects


Required skills: beginner to intermediate sewing


You’ll need: sewing machine, fabric


Replace curtains, cushions and upholstery to find yourself on an express journey to upgrading any room. So, if you’re confident with simple sewing patterns, this is the DIY home improvement project for you.


Pick bright, sheer and lightweight fabrics to create an airy and modern aesthetic. Cotton and linen work well here. Or go with darker, heavier materials like jacquard for a classical look. 


6. Garden furniture

brown wooden table and chairs

Required skills: intermediate woodworking, sewing


You’ll need: workshop with tools, paint, fabric


Time to spruce up your outdoor area? Make the most out of the winter months and overhaul the entire space with DIY home improvement projects for your garden furniture that you’ll get to enjoy once spring and summer roll around.


Set a theme and create your own lounge area complete with a table, chairs and cushions. Keep things bright with light woods like bamboo, beech and oak. Just make sure the finished project remains out of the sun and rain to have it last as long as possible.


7. Art

home art painting


Required skills: beginner to advanced art 


You’ll need: canvas, paint and/or mixed media, frame


Channel your inner artist with a DIY home improvement project that showcases your creativity and talent to family and guests. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of watercolours, oil paint or any other medium. Anyone can create a piece of art with some practice.


If you’re a complete beginner, why not attend a class? Then challenge yourself to create a unique piece tailored to your home a few months down the line.


8. Resin table


Required skills: intermediate to advanced woodworking


You’ll need: workshop with tools, wood, epoxy resin for large-size casting, dye (optional)


Create an attention-grabbing conversation piece with a DIY resin table that’s bound to become the focal point of any room. Some online research will yield plenty of tutorials and how-to guides, but the most popular version is the ‘river’ resin table. Basically, it’s a table made up of two wooden planks, with a clear or blue band running down the middle.


If you’re new to resin work, don’t forget to use a high-quality respiratory mask when sanding materials and working with epoxy.


9. Custom furniture


Required skills: advanced woodworking


You’ll need: workshop with tools, wood, paint (optional)  


Need a made-to-measure kitchen, living room or bedroom? If you’ve got the skills and experience, why not make it yourself? It’ll be quite a hefty endeavour, but you’ll be able to fully customise it to your room’s measurements and personal taste. This type of work is especially striking in houses of character and traditional farmhouses. 


Ready to find the perfect property to show off your DIY skills?  From apartments and townhouses to villas and penthouses, RE/MAX Malta will help you find your dream home. This DIY home improvement projects blog will help you out. Get in touch to learn more from our team of specialists.