Do THIS To Level-Up Your Career Right Now | Super charge your skills during COVID

  • 16.April 2020
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The COVID Crisis carries on unabated and chances are you are worried about how this could affect your career.

At RE/MAX Malta we understand how you must be feeling. This is a scary time and – like you – hundreds of our agents are wondering what is going to happen next. It’s frightening but should you panic?


Instead we recommend you use this as a time to Level Up, and literally learn new skills that will make you stand out when all this ends. Because it will end, and you want to be ready when the world is rearing to go again.

That’s why we took the decision to make all of our incredible online content available for free over the next few weeks. And no, this isn’t just content for estate agents. You’ll find it useful whatever you do, in whatever industry. This event took place in April & May 2020, which was a success, levelling up all attendees. 

Yes, this content was originally designed to help give our RE/MAX agents an exclusive edge, but the old rules of the world don’t apply any more. We wanted to do this for our wider community so that we could share the amazing skills that our team has access to through our international network and give everyone – real estate agent or otherwise – the chance to Level Up their career.

This event is completely free, and you’ll gain weekly access to webinars from some of the world’s top experts. Like Jesse Peters – aka the Social Savvy Agent – who taught us how to Win Big on Social Media last Monday. Or Hailey Still who shared amazing tips for Creating Social Media Ads That Work. All within 60 minutes.

And there’s more. Every week we’ll share our calendar so you can join the sessions that interest you most, guaranteeing you’ll come out of this crisis with skills that make you an even more valuable member of your team than ever before.

In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to guarantee you don’t miss a single session. Or visit the RE/MAX Malta website to view properties for sale and rent in Malta and Gozo. Trust us, you’re going to love them.