Exclusively Sold in Malta

  • 29.June 2013
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gordon-valentinoImagine wanting to sell your property and struggling against a zillion and one things that hamper your success. RE/MAX Malta have come up with an solution which is just that – The Exclusive Added Value Listing. Launching their new product has certainly assisted several property owners to sell their properties in a most effective way. It seems that in today’s buyer’s market there is no better way to expose your Malta real estate then sign up for this most innovative listing programme.

I meet up with Co-Franchise Owner Gordon Valentino of RE/MAX Alliance who, with Franchise Owner Michael Bonello heads a team of 23 professional sales people intent on getting select properties sold, quickly and hassle-free. “I can start by saying that owners do not need to pay more than the standard 5% commission (plus VAT) which they would need to pay for an open agency service, yet they get a marketing machine for which by far outweighs an open agnecy.” So what’s different about it? Everything it seems, since the package literally re-juvenates your property to make it as saleable as it could possibly be.

“The goal with this programme was to effectively change the way real estate is sold in the Malta real estate market. It is a more holistic approach to selling property in Malta whereby we educate the seller and provide a customised service.” Mr. Valentino added

To aid the sale, RE/MAX Malta real estate agents concentrates all its efforts in a holistic way. Firstly, the properties that are accepted into the Exclusive package are hand-picked by a team which scrutinizes every detail, not least being the location, the realistic price tag, the potential. There are only a limited number of Exclusive Listings with RE/MAX Malta real estate agents at any one point, so to make the list, the property must have very valid characteristics indeed.

“Property owners can apply to have their property listed with the limited group, but ultimately it is the team which makes the final decision. Once a property is accepted, things start happening fast….”

RE/MAX Malta gets a stager in to make the property look picture perfect. The photographer steps in to take the kind of pictures which urge viewers to look twice and keep looking. This is the groundwork to create a fantastic listing and an own website which is uniquely tied to the property. The fact that RE/MAX Malta website is one of the strongest websites on the islands ensures that the right kind of traffic gets to see the listing as it is automatically given priority over other RE/MAX listings.

“We then proceed to direct traffic to the unique website. The owner can lead enquiries to the website and he/she is aided by Michael-Bonelloour own creation of channelled ads, internal marketing, dedicated signage, mobile data and a video which goes directly on Youtube to show the world just what the property consists of. Any enquiry is directly lodged in with an agent who takes personal care of the property and its progress. 24/7 marketing on Facebook keeps up our strategy as well.”

With all this happening in the background of each property listed within the Exclusive Added Value Listing programme, RE/MAX ‘invest’ into each newly listed exclusive property, to ensure maximum promotion and prominence. “It works – amazing results have been reached with record time-frames for sales and lots of happy clients.

This article was written by Marika Azzopardi, a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.