Experience of a first time property buyer in Malta (part 2) by Tony Cassar Darien

  • 20.August 2011
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The range of first time buyers in Malta is much wider than I had first thought it out to be. It comprises couples who have decided to set up a family, and are seeking a place where to live, right down to the regular long established families who feel that the time has come to make the leap from renting a place to owning a property. 

However Ms Jane Caruana, who has just acquired her very first property in Malta, and has kindly agreed to talk to me about her experiences, comes from yet another category. This is how she explained her reasons for her first ever home purchase.

“I had been saving money for a number of working years. I am now 30 years of age, and I feel it is the right time to move out of my parents’ house and invest in a property of my own,” she told me, adding, perhaps in order to make her message clearer, “You may say it was the result of a combination involving a lifestyle necessity, coupled with the need to make some kind of solid investment.”

I then asked Jane whether she had any preferences regarding Read rest of the story