Free Webinar to help Agents, Buyers, and Sellers Tackle Challenges During Covid-19

  • 22.May 2020
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As recently announced, local real estate giant RE/MAX is holding a series of free educational, public webinars related to the role of the estate agent that also give insight into the real estate market at large. 

The company has just announced that its next webinar will cover the challenges that agents, buyers and sellers are facing within today’s unique COVID-19 market. The landscape of that market has changed considerably during the pandemic and there are a number of new protocols buyers should follow to stay safe when searching and viewing homes for sale. There is also a lot of preparation that an agent and seller can do in advance to ensure the sale goes well, with as limited contact as possible.

“All of this and more will be covered in our next webinar – 60 Minutes with RE/MAX – Educational,” says RE/MAX Malta co-founder and COO Jeff Buttigieg. “It will provide interesting insight into what a real estate career can offer and update viewers on how things have changed over the past few weeks.”

Mr Buttigieg will be one of the webinar speakers, alongside company chairman Kevin Buttigieg and regional trainer Paul Vincenti. Jeff Buttigieg will host the webinar and start by providing a brief background on the company, as well as its vision in relation educational activities and future events. Mr Vincenti, meanwhile, will talk through real estate in the current scenario and highlight safety protocols that should be put in place. He will also provide a number of best practices that will guide agents, buyers and sellers through the safest-possible process when carrying out a real estate transaction at the moment. 

Kevin Buttigieg, then, will explain how RE/MAX Malta is currently facing challenges head-on and advise on the role of the real estate agent today. He will provide insight into current market conditions and explain why this is a good time to start a career in real estate. He will also highlight the benefits of working in the sector, explain what it takes to be successful, and provide fascinating insider knowledge to those attending.

“RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in Malta and currently has over 400-plus agents in its team,” continues Mr Buttigieg. “We attribute this success to our educational programmes, our tools and the fact that we attract entrepreneurs and business people into the company who are looking to make a difference in people’s lives. We believe in running our business on a set of key values: empowerment, passion, caring, being knowledgeable and staying ahead of the crowd. These values, along with a strict code of ethics, makes RE/MAX a strong force in the industry and a fantastic company to join.”

‘60 minutes with RE/MAX – Educational’ is targeted at agents, aspiring agents and entrepreneurs, as well as buyers and sellers. It promises to provide useful insight and practical tips to all.  The event will be streamed live on 28 May at 6pm, and interested participants can register here: