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Find out some of the hidden gems around Malta

  • 19.June 2017
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There are places to visit in Malta that do not always make it to the front pages of tourist guide books. They belong to lesser known corners. And no, we am not referring to our neighbour’s back garden, although a garden or two do feature in this list. Here is what you could look out for if you want to venture away from the usual haunts.

The Garden of Serenity

This is a cemetery dating back to the early days of colonial Malta and located high on the bastion walls of Floriana. It may not be your cup of cake, but cemeteries can be inspiring places in which to learn about the passage of peoples, sculpture, architecture, design and poetry.

The Argotti Botanical Garden

Incidentally also in Floriana, this garden boasts centuries-old trees, indigenous to Malta and not. It will provide respite after the bustle of Valletta.

Vittoriosa Wartime Shelters

Large and sprawling underground passages and rooms, deep below street level, these hark back to WWI and a guided tour will provide you with an inkling of what the people of The Three Cities had to endure during typical air raid bombardments.

Palazzo de la Salle

This is one of the typical palazzos of Valletta, found in the lower part of the city. The seat of the Malta Society of Arts, this beautiful palazzo provides an insight in the design and character of such buildings and their past and present use.

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National Archives

Located in Rabat, in the building which housed the first hospital of Malta known as Santu Spiritu. This place is a treasure trove of information about Malta and its people.

The Pharmacy

While you are planning to visit the National Archives, organise an appointment to visit The Pharmacy, right inside the same edifice, this was the original pharmacy of the Santu Spiritu Hospital. Meet the curator for a colourful explanation on old pharmaceutical equipment and a whiff of some pills and potions of yesteryear.


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Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

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