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Ready to Sell? 5 Repairs to Tackle Before Listing Your Home

  • 04.March 2021
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How to Increase your Home Price Before Listing it?

Make your home market-ready with these simple repairs, here are 5 home improvements.

If you are considering selling your property, all you need to do is speak to your RE/MAX agent, decide on a price, list it, find a willing property buyer and seal the deal at the asking price, right?

In an ideal world, maybe. But while very few potential buyers may be looking for a fixer-upper home, and even fewer will buy one at the asking price, most will be looking for a move-in-ready home that they can quickly and easily make their own. That means that any outstanding repairs on your home they may see as extra hassle, affecting the price they are willing to offer for it – if they will make an offer at all.

Making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers need not be expensive or time-consuming, however. Here are five easy repairs that will give your home the best chance of selling.

1. Check your floors

When looking around your home for DIY improvements to make pre-listing, we advise starting – quite literally – from the ground up.

Potential buyers will all notice the condition of your home’s flooring. Poor flooring will translate to costly repairs in your buyer’s mind, while a well-maintained floor will let them focus on far more manageable changes, such as furnishings.

Although you are not expected to change the floors entirely, you can make sure that any tiled or wood floors are thoroughly cleaned, without any obvious stains or marks, and are looking their best. Watch out also for outdated carpeting or worn linoleum – if possible, consider replacing these in neutral colours to increase the overall value of your home.

2. Freshen up the walls and ceiling

home improvements

Having addressed the floors, it is time to look upwards with the eyes of your buyer. Could the ceiling or walls use a fresh coat of paint? Giving walls a cost effective and DIY-friendly ‘facelift’ with a paint job may make all the difference in showing off your home to its full potential.

Aside from covering natural wear-and-tear and making the room appear bigger and brighter, switching out vivid wall colours for more muted tones also gives buyers a blank canvas onto which they can paint a mental picture of their dream home. This easy fix can help your buyers to ‘fall’ for your property by making it easier for them to visualise living there and adding their own personal style.

3. Fix any damage caused by pets

Pet-owners everywhere know that pets can cause damage to furniture, flooring or soft furnishings. Since your potential buyers may not all own pets, however, it is important to address any pet damage before you welcome any buyers for viewings.

Look for areas of damage such as tears or chew marks on items of furniture, floorboards, flyscreens or cupboard knobs – then sand these down, repaint, varnish, cover or replace as necessary. These minor repairs may not cost much in terms of money, time or effort, but they will contribute to the overall effect of having a well-maintained house that is desirable for potential buyers.

4. Revive your outdoor space

outdoor space improvement

Having outdoor space is a major asset when it comes to selling a property, so make the most of yours before listing it.

Start by giving the space a simple clean-up, stowing away gardening tools or toys and arranging any plant pots or seating in an inviting layout.  No matter the size of your yard or garden, you can make the space feel more welcoming and nurtured by adding an appropriately sized plant or planting new shrubs. 

Plus, don’t just focus on outdoor space at the back of the property – the outside approach towards your front door is equally important since this is your buyer’s first impression of your home. Is the general area and pavement outside tidy, clean and inviting? Fixing cosmetic repairs around the front and ensuring it is generally attractive could help sell your home to a buyer before they have even set foot over the threshold.

5. Clean up the clutter

Taking the time to give a last declutter and clean-up to your home just before a buyer arrives for a viewing might make or break the sale. While they likely will not be expecting a show-home, they will respond better to a welcoming, clean, uncluttered space.

By tidying away your own day-to-day items out of sight, not only will each room appear larger, but your buyer can easily see themselves moving into and living in the property – and are more likely to ask for another viewing or make an offer.

The RE/MAX Real Estate Takeaway

Still not sure if your property is market-ready? Your RE/MAX agent can help you establish the repairs that will most help your home to sell – before you list it. Get in touch today at www.remax-malta.com!