How RE/MAX Simplifies the Buying Procedure

  • 05.December 2013
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finding-the-right-real-estate-agentFor many of us, the start of a New Year means new resolutions and a better spirit towards what the year may have in store for us. For many of us, a New Year brings with it new beginnings and new opportunities. For Malta, it also means that the latest budget measures are officially in effect – not the least of which includes the removal of stamp duty for any person purchasing their first immovable property in Malta. This was done to encourage First Time Buyers to take their first steps towards buying their home. Understandably, this is a big step because it means stepping into a world they don’t know much about, and making quite a sizeable investment.

The thing is – buying real estate in Malta doesn’t need to be as difficult as it sounds. The main reason for people to perceive “buying property” as a risky step is because many of them are doing this without guidance. Buying property without the knowledge or understanding is, in fact, risky business. Would you start taking medication unless it was specifically prescribed by your doctor? Then why would you invest thousands of euros in real estate in Malta when you’re not even sure it’s worth the investment?

This is exactly why we have a team of over 120 professional real estate agents who are on hand to help you. At RE/MAX, we don’t recommend our agents to sell any property. Each agent specialises in different markets – specialising in certain areas of Malta, specific localities, different types of property, while some even focus on certain buyer types such as investors. The property agents allow our clients the comfort of knowing that the advice given to them is based on fact, and several years of experience – and not unfounded statements made to push you towards a sale. We assist our clients through the process of scheduling of appointments, short-listing properties for second viewings, handling negotiations for a win-win outcome, accompanying them and advising them during the signing of promise of sale, following-up with any queries they may have between promise of sale and contract, signing of contract, and even putting them in touch with the right people that will help them convert their new property into a home.

One of the advantages of working with a large team is that if your agent doesn’t have the answers at hand, s/he knows where to look. Our network of agents work hand in hand and always sharing advice and information between them. Each agent also makes use of the largest property database on the islands so, whatever property you’re looking for, the chances are we have it on the books. And we can give you information that will enable you to know whether the property you’re after is worth the investment or not, based on other available properties as well as past sales. Our team receive on-going training from the moment they join – starting with being mentored by experts in real estate right up to attending induction courses and several other on-going courses that we organise to make sure our agents remain at the top of their league.

And we don’t just handle clients until they’ve signed a promise of sale. Apart from putting clients in touch with a notary (if you need), we can let you know whether the property you’re interested in buying is in line with MEPA regulations and, if not, guide you through the process of regularising it. Even after you’ve signed your final contract, we can put you in touch with anyone you may need to help you design, convert, or furnish new home – or any home related service, for that matter.

So if you’re looking to make a great investment in an efficient manner, please get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to take the hassle out of your hands and make your purchase a professional and stress-free experience.