How To Buy Antiques For Your Home

  • 19.December 2013
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Luxury-Antique-Living-Room-Decorating-Ideas-768x463Buying antiques can be a fantastic investment and can really elevate the ambience of your real estate in Malta. But how should you get started in this very ‘competitive sport’. We explain.

Antiques often have the sort of character that store-bought items today simply don’t. They have a history, a story, and a certain kind of value that goes well beyond money. In many ways, antiques are reminders of how our ancestors lived and how times and fashions have changed, and can be a lovely reminder of times gone by. That said, buying the right one isn’t always easy – so what should you be looking out for?

We’ve got some answers!

Knowledge: Antique-collecting can either be a passion or a profession, but even if you’re doing it as a hobby you still need to know what you’re doing. Dealers might be able to help you, but always read on the items you’re looking for. If after an antique Chinese vase, for example, study the different dynasties, what’s special about their pottery, and what makes them unique.

Have An Eye and Don’t Be Too Ambitious: Roman Abramovich might be renowned for spending over $100m on collectible piece of artwork, but you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to collect antiques. Start small, and go for things that catch your eye. If you’re looking for an antique Masons dinner set, for instance, go to flea markets, check out eBay and set yourself a budget.

Don’t Dress To Impress: If you’re going into an antique dealer’s shop wearing a vintage Rolex or a 1930s Cartier necklace, then don’t expect them to lower the price. When you’re out hunting for antiques, dress in a way that doesn’t scream ‘I have money!’. Trust us, it’s the little things that count.

Sacrifice Sleeptime: Flea markets and car boot sales are the best places to pick up antiques for cheap, but don’t go three hours after they’ve started or you’ll miss out on the best buys!

Don’t Move With the Times: Antiques, like art, never really go out of style, but every now and then there is a surge of interest in a particular epoch that will send prices of antiques from that period soaring. Buy things that are not necessarily in vogue at that particular moment and be confident about your purchase.