How to Choose a Real Estate Agent in Malta

  • 03.December 2011
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Whether you’re buying or selling, real estate in Malta is one of the most valuable things you own. The decision to buy or sell propertyis never taken lightly – entrusting that decision to a stranger is even more difficult.

Which is why several people are sceptical about working with a Malta real estate agent . There is a common misconception that an agent will take-over the transaction, and you may not be too happy with the final price. Regardless of whether you are selling or buying a property in Malta, you are not obliged to sign a promise of sale or contract, or indeed make/accept an offer, if you’re not happy with the price. If it doesn’t meet your satisfactions, simply reject it.One of the main reasons for people opting to not work with a real estate agent is because they feel that they can do the work themselves. If you’re buying property, you can easily visit local property websites to see what is available, and trawl the local newspapers to see what properties are on the market. However, one must consider whether you have the time to devote to this time-consuming task. A good real estate agent will have access to an exhaustive list of properties, will be willing to browse through newspapers for property adverts, and, in either case, contact the owners on your behalf.

The question is: how do you find a good Malta real estate agent? There are several criteria that must be considered when selecting your agent. As with everything else, shop around for recommendations – see if anyone you know has worked with a real estate agent recently and were happy with the service they received. Be sure you meet with the associate before commissioning your property hunt to him. Take note of how contactable they are – you don’t want to deal with an associate who is difficult to reach as you can only assume that people interested in your property, or clients with a property that match your wish-list, will be unable to contact him and therefore you would missing out on a possible transaction. Avoid discussing your needs over the phone and schedule a meeting instead. Take note of their punctuality, communication skills and assertiveness – a good associate will have all three and, more importantly, will use them to his advantage. A face-to-face meeting is more beneficial than a telephone conversation as you can get a better idea of how trustworthy the associate is – after all, you’re trusting them with a big decision. Ask how many years of experience they have, and what they plan to do to market your property or source the ideal home for you. What negotiation skills does he or she possess, and how committed are they to delivering what is promised? If you’re confident that this associate can do the job, be sure to make your expectations known. The associate needs to trust you too and know exactly what you want.

The final verdict rests on your gut instinct – if you’re not keen with working with a particular associate, then don’t. An agent that does not meet up to your expectations instantly will only waste your time and miss out on potential buyers or potential properties that may suit you. When it comes to buying or selling property in Malta, the transaction always includes several thousands of Euro, which means even the slightest difference in price will surely affect you. A good real estate agent will have the know-how to matching your needs; a better real estate agent will put that knowledge to good use.