How to Find the Right Property for You and Your Pets

  • 03.October 2019
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Trying to find a home that suits you and your fury family?

Any pet owner will agree that our animal friends are as important as any other family member. The love and companionship they offer turns any house into a home. But how do you find the right place to suit their needs – and yours?

Follow this guide to help you find the perfect home for you and your pets in Malta.

Start by identifying your animal’s needs

Different pets will require different things from a property. The first consideration, however, is likely to be whether you need outdoor space. Many different types of animals will need easy and safe access to the outdoors and, particularly in Malta where so many of us live in apartments, this can be hard to come by and could narrow your search.

But by looking at different areas and different types of property, you may find exactly what you need. Properties further outside the main towns will often have far more spacious outside areas and may be much better suited to pet owners.

Another requirement might be space inside for a sleeping area, as well as a place for them to eat. Does the living areas allow for this? Beds, cages, hutches – even aquariums! – can take up a lot of space, and your animal deserves a spot of their own. And it isn’t just about them: you will enjoy living alongside them far more if they have a designated space.

Safety First

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to keep our fur babies safe and well. And some properties are far better suited to do this than others. Most animals are naturally inquisitive, so easy opportunities to escape or harm themselves are a big ‘no’, as they will always somehow be drawn to them!

This means that access to the property should be secure, while outdoor areas must be well fenced. Additionally, hazards such as wiring and small gaps should be considered. If you are looking at properties with balconies or terraces above ground level, it is critical that the protective barriers are extremely secure to avoid accidents.

Pet Friendly Location

Your search for the perfect pet friendly home extends beyond the property itself. Consider the areas in which you are searching. For instance, if you have a dog, think about whether they will have safe and appealing places to go for their daily exercise. You are not going to want to get into the car every time your pet needs a walk, so a park or promenade steps from your front door will make all the difference.

Furthermore, think about whether there are pet friendly cafés or bars in the area. There is nothing lovelier than stopping for a coffee or glass of wine on your dog walk but not all establishments are keen to welcome our furry friends. It is worth finding out what your options are in the neighbourhood.

On top of this, it also makes a huge difference to know that your neighbours are happy to welcome animals and what they consider acceptable pet behaviour. Particularly when looking at apartment blocks, can you tell whether there are any other animals next door? A building with other pet owners is a good sign that your animal will enjoy a warm welcome.

The Perfect Property is Out There

Malta is an animal-loving island and the perfect place to live does exist. Communicate your pet’s needs to your property agent from the start, so they can help you to find exactly the right home for your entire family, whether they have two legs or four!