How To: Revamp your Summer Rental for Winter

  • 13.September 2019
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Why limit your rental property to the summer months?

Nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta luckily doesn’t suffer from long, harsh winters. In fact, it’s not unheard of to go for long walks along the seafront during the low season or even to have bright sunny Christmases.

To escape the cold north, visitors often flock to the milder winter in Malta. That said, summer rental properties on the island don’t easily double up as winter rentals without appropriate preparation. Malta might not be the Arctic, but it can still be quite chilly, windy and sometimes stormy.

Built to withstand hot summers, Maltese properties are designed to remain cool inside and very rarely have central heating. This is ideal in summer but not so much in winter! Here, we offer seven tips on how to get your summer rental ready for the winter months.

  1. Invest in dehumidifiers and heaters

In Malta, humidity is the enemy, especially for ground-floor and north-facing properties. A dehumidifier is invaluable because it absorbs water from the air, leaving rooms noticeably warmer. Using a dehumidifier also lowers the likelihood of mould growing on your property. Luckily, modern air-conditioners also have heating and dehumidifying settings, making them a robust investment for all seasons.

  1. Increase your property’s airflow

In the battle against humidity in Malta, keep your windows open as much as possible. Even in winter, we’re fortunate that the Maltese weather is often sunny enough to do so. Installing air vents in rooms that don’t have any – especially bathrooms – is a good idea to keep air circulating and humidity levels low.

  1. Hang curtains

Curtains are a blessing in winter. While light and airy fabrics work well in summer, winter curtains should be made out of thick, natural fabrics that counteract the cold. It may be winter, but the sun remains Malta’s best asset; so, open the curtains to let the sun warm your rental property during the day.

  1. Lay down rugs

Any pet will tell you that cool tiles are their favourite spot during summer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode well for winter. While installing wall-to-wall carpeting is inconvenient for such a short winter, plush rugs are ideal. They’re also available in an endless variety of designs and colours to suit any interior or style of furniture. For something more permanent, consider replacing tiles with warmer parquet wooden flooring.

  1. Reduce draughts

Older Maltese buildings are renowned for being draughty. While this is great for keeping rooms fresh during summer, a cold draught is a nightmare in winter. If you can afford to fit your rental with airtight exterior doors and windows, do so. If not, draught excluders work remarkably well – and they’re useful on interior doors too!

  1. Sleep on electric blankets and cosy bed linen

Most people aren’t at home during the day when properties are at their warmest. So, prioritise the rooms that are occupied in the evening and at night. The bedroom is, of course, number one. If permanent revamping isn’t an option, use electric mattress pads and cosy, flannel bed linen during winter as a quick and easy fix.

  1. Install double-glazed windows and underfloor heating

Still in the process of designing a rental property suitable for both summer and winter? Now is the time to get your rental to work for you. Consider installing double-glazed windows and underfloor heating, especially in rooms that don’t get a lot of sunshine during the day, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a rental property ideal for both summer and winter, get in touch with RE/MAX Malta today.