How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

  • 19.December 2013
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Spa BathroomThe bathroom might be a room that fulfils basic needs but it can also be turned into a haven of relaxation.

The crisp clean towels, the relaxing atmosphere, the great merge of function and beauty… everyone loves the feeling they get when they go to a spa. But you don’t actually have to leave your home to get that fresh-from-the-spa feeling!

Here are some ways to help you turn an average bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Think Neutral: Spas are very selective in their use of colours. Whites and beiges take precedence over bright colours because neutral hues help relax the senses. You don’t have to stick to white and beige, however, greys, greens and blues are also considered neutrals as long as they are not too bright.

Make Good Use of Toiletries: Many bathrooms tend to be overstocked with toiletries, which makes them look disorganised and messy – the complete opposite of what a spa looks like. Turn toiletries into décor by carefully choosing which ones to display and which ones need to go into the cupboard.

Upgrade your Linens: Nothing screams ‘home’ more than a towel with a hole in it. Make sure your linen is in tiptop shape, tumble dry it for added fluffiness and iron it to add that crisp characteristic that makes spa towels so much nicer. Also, if your shower curtain is all mucky, change it!

Set the Mood: You can’t expect to walk into a family home’s bathroom and get the spa feeling unless you actually set it up. Light candles, burn incense and dim down the lights for a truly relaxing aure. Music is also important and a good chill-out compilation will take you miles away from where you actually are.

The Aftermath: When at a spa there is a process and if you want the holistic experience then you need to follow that process as well. Once you finish your in-house ‘treatment’, robe up, sit down somewhere quiet and enjoy a green tea and some deep-breathing exercises. Ah bliss!