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7 Easy Improvements to Transform Your Home (and Raise its Value!)

  • 15.April 2021
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These simple DIY projects are industry-approved fast fixes to improving your home

Investing in a Home

Your home could well be the largest investment of your life, so it is natural that you may want to upgrade this asset to make it look and feel its best – both for you, and to boost its resale value with potential buyers later.

But that need not necessarily mean spending thousands on major renovations. Indeed, improving your home can be both quick and budget-friendly with some do-it-yourself projects.

How to increase your property value

Here are seven easy home improvements that can help you make your home more stylish, comfortable and appealing.

1. Enhance your home’s entrance

Revitalising the entrance to your home is a great way to up its curb appeal.

Start by stepping back and taking a good look at your front door – could it use a fresh coat of paint in a bright pop of colour, new hardware, or an updated light fixture? Complete the look by replacing a worn-out welcome mat with one that better showcases your home’s character and style.

Once over the threshold, consider your home’s other first impression: its entryway. Most home improvement stores can offer inspiration on clever storage solutions for shoes, coats and bags, to help keep this high-traffic area chic and tidy.

2. Revamp your kitchen

kitchens in malta

The aesthetic of your kitchen can easily be updated without the need to replace it entirely.

One popular weekend do-it-yourself project is to repaint all cabinet doors in a different colour, before adding new hardware to give your kitchen an almost-instant new look.

Today’s home improvement market is also packed with innovative solutions for upgrading other elements of your kitchen, such as tile paint or even tile stickers to create a bold new backsplash or to revitalise the surface of your kitchen island.

3. Switch up your lights

lighting malta

Installing new light fixtures – or even just changing the bulb – is a simple and cost-effective way to radically change the look of any space.

Plus, changing your home’s lighting design can be as easy as a trip to your local home goods store. From hanging pendants over your dining table that offer both illumination and a dinnertime talking point, to dimmer switches that effortlessly create an atmosphere of calm in the living room, your lighting options are vast.

Modern home lighting technology often also includes smart connectivity, meaning that, with just a touch of your smartphone, you can turn on your home’s lights long before you turn the key.

4. Overhaul your outdoors

outdoors garden and pool malta

There is no denying that any outdoor space on a property boosts its desirability in the real estate world. Making your home’s outdoor space as attractive and appealing as possible could pay off not just for your own enjoyment now, but also in terms of its resale value years down the line.

Fortunately, achieving this need not break the bank or your back. Good home improvement or homeware stores today offer a wealth of choices from easy-install decking or paving to outdoor seating options. Likewise, a visit to a garden centre will guide you as to the right plants and greenery to turn even the smallest space into your personal outdoor retreat.

5. Add a lick (or several) of paint

painting your home

One of the easiest home improvements – favoured by DIY enthusiasts and interior designers the world over – is simply adding a coat of paint.

This user-friendly project can be achieved in a short time and with a few simple tools, yet it can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room.

Make sure to discuss your specific requirements with your home store, who can guide you on the process from selecting the right paint colour or type to recommending the tools you will need to complete the project.

And here, the opportunities for creativity and fun are endless. Beyond painting the walls, you could also design an eye-catching ceiling, paint the interior doors, or create statement feature walls.

6. Upgrade your fittings

home fittings

Today, bathroom designers have taken the traditional tap or shower head to a whole new level of innovation, with a wide variety now available on the market.

Installing a new set of taps on your bathroom or kitchen sink – or a new shower head in your shower – can be straightforward, especially with the guidance of the supplier.

And while these fittings will instantly elevate the look of the room, they may also offer you other benefits, such as smart connectivity, better water pressure or savings on your water bill.

7. Install a ceiling fan

home celiing fan

In Malta, the summer months tend to bring the warmer Mediterranean weather and, with it, the need to cool your home.

While many of us rely on an air conditioner to keep cool, a clever way to dramatically cut down on running costs is to also install a ceiling fan.

And installing one need not be complicated or expensive: this home improvement can be as simple as replacing an existing ceiling light fixture with one that is incorporated into a ceiling fan. These ceiling fan and light combos are often available to buy ready-to-install from most homeware or lighting stores.

The RE/MAX takeaway

Transforming your home can be easy, quick and budget-friendly, with the support and expert guidance of your RE/MAX agent. Get in touch today at