How to keep your kids entertained during summer in Malta

  • 03.August 2018
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Do you remember how much we loved summer, as kids? However much things have changed since then, kids these days still love their summers very much. And who’s to blame them? No school routine, no waking up super early, no homework and plenty of time to play! So many things to love about summer!

But all this free time can cause some head-scratching figuring out how to spend time with your kids or keeping them occupied, instead of staying in your apartment. If you’re at a loss with what your kids can do in Malta beside going to the beach and visiting their nanna in her old homey townhouse, here’s some cool things your kids might just love!

Summer School

While the ‘School’ in ‘Summer School’ it might throw off your kids, summer school is very popular in Malta. It’s a programme designed around keeping kids busy through summer, without the pedantic curriculum of actual school. Activities are designed around sports and game activities, with plenty of arts, crafts and outings. What’s more, kids make a ton of new friends, as summer schools usually bring in children from different districts and schools, so there’s plenty of opportunity for socialising.

Playgrounds & Ice-Cream

Ice-Cream is Summer’s second name and kids seem to have it welded in their instinct. Late summer afternoons are the perfect time to enjoy a stroll with your kids down to their favourite playground. Playgrounds are great and def look better than they did in our days, with plenty of fun things to do and friends to make. This is also the perfect place to grab an ice-cream to cool down with the children from all the huffing and puffing!


This might sound strange, but Gozo might not be somewhere you visit a lot. If this is the case, you can treat your kids to a mini-vacation! Think about it—Gozo is another island with plenty of beautiful sights to see, places to visit and wonderful beaches to swim at. Even catching the ferry is an exciting adventure. Swimming in places like Ghasri Valley or Dwejra’s Inland Sea is a magical experience with plenty of light snorkelling or pebble tower building opportunities!

Boat trips

Speaking of boats… Kids love boats and Malta has loads of them. Boat trips are pretty common, with lots to choose from. There are probably dozens of boat tours in the Harbour area alone; Blue Grotto, Dingli Cliffs, Comino’s Blue Lagoon, Malta coast, you name it. There is also boat hire which takes you any destination you might think your kid likes—most of Malta’s and Gozo’s coast is fantastic, and seeing the islands from the sea is not an every-day thing. And there’s always the chance you’ll see dolphins!

Isaac Azzopardi
Post by Isaac Azzopardi

Isaac Azzopardi is a young artist living and working from the Mediterranean island of Malta. His practice uses notions of alchemy, materiality and colour through painting, installation and sculpture to explore the transformative elements of contemporary urban life.