Loving Malta – 10 reasons why people fall in love and buy property

  • 08.January 2016
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malta-gozo-azzureForeign buyers investing in Maltese real estate is on a steady increase and it does not take much to realise that foreigners landing on this island seem to quickly fall in love with it to the extent that they decide to do something serious about it.  Staying on, visiting regularly or investing in property are some of the decisions people take.  So, why do foreigners purchase property in Malta as opposed to other countries?

We have looked into the matter and come up with the 10 reasons why people fall in love with Malta and take the leap.

1.) It is an island in the med that does nothing to stop people from feeling cosmopolitan while still enjoying island life.

2.) Malta is rich in culture, history, beautiful architectures, ancient remains, art and monumental fortifications. A surprise find on every corner!

3.) We are polyglots and happily speak fluent English and Italian, apart from serious smatterings of German, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

4.) People here are friendly, laid back, easy to live with. We do stress about work, driving and shopping, but apart from that, we all love having a good time. Mela!

5.) Paceville is the island’s version of Ibiza, with pubs, bars, dancing places, shisha smoking corners, gentleman’s clubs, casinosand Sliema Sunrisemuch more.

6.) Our old villages are still quaint, traditional and picturesque. The churches are incredible, the houses are proudly kept, and there are plenty of vacant old properties ready to be scooped up and cherishingly restored and re-loved.

7.) The sea is all around us. We love our swimming, our fish dishes, sun bathing, fishing, diving, boating, snorkeling, jet-skiing and we adore our family picnics on the beach with that mouth-watering Maltese bread, tomato paste, capers, olives. The perfect excuse for a day at the beach.

8.)  We do festas like nobody else does. We love fireworks, band music, patron saints and fairy lights all over the place. There are some bone-shaking loud bangs to endure, true, but the fun atmosphere is well worth the trouble.

9.) We love football, side with the best European teams and get serious about celebrating winners.

10.) We have internet, get tattoos, keep Facebook, drive posh cars, but more importantly our government does its best to create laws that allow foreign investment to flourish and that allow foreigners to live here in a safe country, making the most of their money on this island in the sun.

Above all, the real estate market in Malta is buoyant, with limited land and a great demand the property prices in Malta remain on the rise. Unscathed by the recession, Malta is unarguably one of the top five places to buy, live, work and retire and that saying something.  It’s important you choose the right real estate agent in Malta or Gozo to ensure that your experience is one that is smooth and memorable.


Loving Malta - 10 reasons why people fall in love and buy property
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Loving Malta - 10 reasons why people fall in love and buy property
This article provides a enlightens us as to the top reasons why people fall in love with Malta and purchase a residence or second home. Read this blog to understand more:
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