Low Cost Decoration Tips for your House

  • 23.November 2017
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Don’t we all just love a good bargain? Sure we do. There are those who thrive on bargains and have the knack of making do with shoestring resources. But the really skilled few of us can actually make do with half a shoestring and still get on perfectly well. When the low cost technique is adopted for decorating house, one really needs to be an expert. Here is how to do it…

Search online

Sit down in front of Facebook, and join all the Recycle groups you slap your eyes on. Then make sure you are always connected so the minute something fabulous and free gets posted, you are ready to pounce.

Also, trading sites like MaltaPark.com are a good option to find very juicy bargains.

Ask friends for stuff they don’t use

Ask friends if you can relieve them of any stuff lurking in the back of their garage. You’ll be amazed what people hoard uselessly. Kitchen chairs, carpets, folding tables, lamps… you could walk away with enough stuff to fill three houses.

Be prepared to bask in eclectic taste

Mixing and matching different styles and colours may be required if you have to adopt this technique. Eclectic interiors are the result of recession times which is why top home stylists recommend mixing Retro with Contemporary  – it’s the only way to use grandma’s old cabinet, saving on buying a new one and appearing to be style savvy.

Save a bit for what you really need to buy new

Whatever you do, save that half a shoestring to splurge on the very basic essentials which rarely come free and in good condition… Mattresses are a case in point.


The old TV grandpa once gave you could be the collectible you can exchange with your pal’s unwanted ’90s ceiling fan.

Check out YouTube for tutorials

Turn wooden pallets into proper furniture, for example. Somebody I know created an entire bedroom and a living room suite and bathroom shelving out of pallet wood, which worked incredibly well after a touch of white paint and the odd splinter in her finger.

Make charity shops your haunt

These are places where you can find incredibly good quality unwanted stuff. Look out for good-as-new blankets, throws, table linen, curtains, crockery, cutlery, baskets… Turn tablecloths into curtains or bed covers. Turn bed sheets into curtains. Sew old doilies into coverlets or pillow cases.

Flea markets

Do the flea market rounds on Sunday mornings and buy only what fits your space and costs less than Euro 10. The most popular in Malta is the one in Birgu. Barter hard and firm if you want the bargain to be the best you can get.

Forget full dinner sets

The best conversation starters at the dinner table are the odd plates and glasses… The fancier the better. Go for kitsch 1970s coloured glasses and vintage 60s plates for a truly colourful spread.

Re-sell or recycle

Last but not least, enjoy the outcome. Re-sell or recycle what does not work for you anymore, because after all, you didn’t have to break the bank to get it in the first place. On half a shoestring you can afford to change your home decor every other month if you so set your heart on it…

Low cost properties

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Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

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