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Luxury living in Malta

  • 12.July 2015
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Spinola Bay, Malta - Island Lifestyle

Malta – An Island for the Affluent

Views of the glittering blue Mediterranean sea, an above average standard of living, advantageous tax laws, year-round sunshine, friendly locals and a happening social life… the Maltese islands offer all this and more.  No wonder then that, luxury real estate – targeted at international millionaires, well-off expats, successful retirees and wealthier locals – is the order of the day on these small islands that lie to the south of Sicily.

Malta and Gozo are probably the most well-kept secret within the realm of international real estate. The choicest villas, loftiest penthouses and most exclusive gated communities are to be found here, where the on-going recession does not seem to have affected the lifestyle and where well-known VIPs prefer to buy pieces of real estate for when they just want to kick back discreetly without having to worry whether they will be papped as soon as they set foot out of their front door or while they’re enjoying that cocktail in their infinity pool.

Developing and selling luxury real estate in Malta and Gozo has now become a specialised art. Whether clients prefer a solitary villa that affords them all the privacy they could wish for or even if a self-contained ‘village’ like lifestyle community where they can be assured that they will have like-minded people for neighbours is more up their street, the Maltese market offers it all.Tigne Point Malta - Luxury Development

The Villages

Quaint villages the likes of Tarxien, Wardija, Qrendi have become prime targets for those who prefer their new home to be worlds apart from any other real estate.  Huge villas or farmhouses, with pool and garden, more often than not come with uninterrupted country/village views are found in these places to live in Malta. Families with children are more likely to be attracted to these new homes than to the new, gated-communities as it is far easier to integrate within the local community in this way. With both Malta and Gozo still being considered as two of the safest places to live in, security is certainly not an issue and the Maltese are famed for being warm and for welcoming new additions to their neighbourhood.

Lifestyle Developments

Gated communities – the likes of Fort Cambridge Pender Gardens, Portomaso Marina, Tigne Point, the soon to be built Metropolis– are  likely to attract the single home-owner and wealthy families and those with a busy lifestyle. While they may not offer as much scope for individual creativity with the home as the villas and farmhouses, the advantage of these luxury properties are evident.  Built to the highest standards, offering designer décor and top-notch amenities, living in one of these communities certainly takes away all the hassle from home ownership. These luxury developments are invariably located in the most exclusive areas of the island and offer a comprehensive range of facilities from home security to landscaping, wi-fi connections, state-of-the art health and leisure facilities and also the opportunity of socialising with the community itself.

Fort Cambridge - Luxury Living Malta

Whether your priority is a quiet, discreet lifestyle or the most exclusive apartment in the hottest part of the island, you are likely to find what you’re after to create your dream home in Malta or Gozo.  If you plan on living in Malta all it takes is a call to a reputable real estate agent that understands your requirements and has the database to be able to provide the service that you are accustomed to.  Before you know it  you can be enjoying your new home in the Med, most notably, in Malta or Gozo!

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