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  • 06.August 2015
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Luxury Living Malta - PortomasoIn this light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek post, we look at the elemental ways of forging ahead in the world of luxury even if luxurious is not your middle name.

This post is about luxury living, or rather, luxury island living. Because whilst Malta may be small, one can enjoy luxury here in a big way. As big spenders head here any time of year and from all corners of the world, big spending turns into a hobby that one may not quite afford but which one might aspire to tamper with.

Start from the kind of luxury property you decide to live in, in order to make a luxurious statement complete and unequivocal. Living the life of a millionaire may not be everybody’s possibility, but one can live like a millionaire on small-scale and niche qualities which are very easy to find if you look carefully around the islands. It’s all about seeking quality, searching for style, and developing good taste along the way.

Step one: Opting for a luxury location means that you will be living amidst the kind of people who can afford luxurious settings, who generally live upmarket lifestyles and who are lavish with the finer of things in life. Top notch quality and luxury locations to scout around include the following:

  • Busy & Cosmopolitan: Tigne Point, Sliema promenade, St Julian’s promenade…
  • Quiet & Reserved: Madliena Village, Bahrija, Bidnija, Ta’Xbiex…
  • Palatially Magnificent: Mdina, Valletta, Vittoriosa…
  • Sunshiny & Holiday-like: Portomaso, Mellieha Bay, Marsascala promenade, Manikata…

Step two: If you can’t afford to buy property in a luxury location, you can alternatively choose a small yet simple home, even as a rental, instead. This means it would still allow you to Luxury Living - Ta'Xbiexlive amidst the rich and the nouveau riche, at a fraction of the cost you’d have to fork out to purchase property. Your neighbours will be one notch up the social ladder and rubbing shoulders with luxury people can quickly get you the opportunity to develop connections with luxury-loving acquaintances.

Step three: Even if you don’t live in a luxury location and don’t have a luxury home, you can inject some luxury style into your home from time to time. Over the years, seasonal luxury injections will impact on your home’s value considerably. Start by re-styling and dressing up the facade of your property, even if this means styling the only thing on the facade of your property which may be a front balcony. Choose a designer who can turn your little balcony into something that stands out stylishly, neatly and with a statement that shouts – I am chique. Internal home decor recommendations that speak of luxury include parquet floors, under-floor heating, swimming pool, jacuzzi or steam bath, fitted carpeting, stainless steel kitchen counters, turf…..

Step four: Get a boat. On a Mediterranean island, owning your own boat equals having that extra bit of self- importance. Can’t afford the boat? Rent one out and spend your free days luxuriating around with it.

Luxury Living - MelliehaStep five: Can’t afford an expensive car? Get a vintage one instead, paint it in a quirky colour, throw caution to the wind and opt for a cabrio version. It’s better to look eccentric yet have style, than to be humdrum and blasé.

Step six: Luxury living in Malta is also about enjoying wining and dining in the company of good friends. Therefore when choosing your new home even if this is a rental, opt for somewhere with some open space where fairy lights, loungers, lovely music and good food come together to turn your social moments into luxurious bliss.

Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.