Making your workplace a better healthy living space

  • 08.September 2012
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Working in an office, day in, day out can take its toll on your health, creating frustration and difficulties in the day to day running of tasks. Whilst recent health reports have shown that sitting down through all our tasks can cause damage to our health, we also know that a closed environment is not actually conducive to healthy living. But with some little tweaks and twists, our offices can be turned into pleasant places. Here’s some quick-fix solutions to try today…

– If your offices pace in Malta come equipped with air conditioning systems, have the apparatus filters cleaner out regularly and serviced accordingly.  If the A/C is constantly spewing out contaminated air in a closed environment, your health and that of all people entering your office can be seriously jeopardised.

– Carpets in office space in Malta are the perfect harbinger of bacteria.  Convince your boss to remove carpeting and if the floor must otherwise be covered, go for parquet.  A washable floor is by far better than a carpet.

– If you have windows in your room, open them often and if possible leave open throughout the day. Let the sun stream in, let the natural light work rather than artificial light.

– If you are cooped up in a cubicle-like office with no direct access to fresh air, try to improve the air inside your office by leaving your office door open, and opening any windows in the corridors to allow air to waft into your room. Do note however that all office space in Malta should be equipped with a window, for health and safety reasons. So if your room is missing a window, asked to be moved to a room which does have one in situ.
– Counteract dry air in the room by placing a small bowl of water in the room and replenishing it every day.- Introduce a couple of (live) green plants in the room. Even a small plant sitting on your desk can help improve the air you breathe.

– Reduce the amount of artificial light in your room. If you can work well with two bulbs, don’t leave three on.

– Try to keep large equipment out of your office. Photocopiers, scanners and large printers could be moved into a corridor to avoid you being exposed to constant machinery sounds and emissions.

– Walk out of your office as often as you can. Instead of calling your colleague, walk to her office to relay the message.

– If you are sitting at your desk for long hours, stretch often. Stretch legs, hands, arms, neck. Walk up or down the stairs rather than using an elevator.

– Reduce clutter by throwing away un-needed paper every day instead of leaving it to accumulate in a pile.

– Change your keyboard to an ergonomic one even if you have to invest in one yourself. Your hands will thank you for it.

– Make sure your chair is suitable for your task – request a new one if it is causing you back problems.

Complete the transformation by watching your posture, drinking plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and avoiding typical office doughnut-with-coffee habits. Smile often, surround yourself with colourful desk accessories and enjoy your day.  Your office space in Malta is the place that you live and breathe the air  of all the time.  Some people are at the office more than their home. Make sure that you look after yourself. You might not see the effects today but it will accumulate over a period of time, considering that the average person works  for almost 45 years, which amounts to over 80, 000 hours in a life time!  Now you’re probably thinking!!!

Written by: Marika Azzopardi
Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.