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Malta for Business Investment & Holiday

  • 10.June 2021
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Why Malta is the Ultimate Destination for Business, Investment or a Holiday

This small Mediterranean island offers big benefits for visitors of all kinds. Read why you should choose Malta for Business, Investment and Holiday.

For over 7,000 years, Malta has blended character with connectivity.

It is the smallest EU member state – both by population and geographical area – yet Malta’s size has not stopped it from being a key player in many of the world’s major historic events, from invasions thwarted by the Knights Templar to both world wars.

Centuries of changing colonisation have inspired an entirely unique local culture and cuisine that still recalls its international influences. And if this is not enough to delight visitors to this beautiful archipelago: the Maltese Islands are also easily accessible thanks to their enviable location at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea – and they enjoy a warm climate for most of the year.

Here is a closer look at why your next trip should be to Malta, whether you are visiting for business, a holiday or even to make an investment.


Time to relax: Malta as a holiday destination

malta holiday

Malta has attracted holidaymakers for decades – and for good reason.

As a Mediterranean island, it is surrounded by sea that is known for its crystal-clear, warm, turquoise blue waters. This makes Malta the go-to destination for those whose idea of the perfect holiday involves relaxing on a sandy beach before taking a swim, or going snorkelling or scuba diving to experience the colourful marine wildlife up close.

Beach, Sun and Nightlife?

Malta is ideal for beach-lovers in another important way: the islands enjoy up to 300 days of sunshine every year, with a daily average of around 12 hours of sun. This has also inspired an outdoor culture among visitors and locals alike, who love to dine, sip cocktails or party al fresco to make the most of the balmy summer nights.

malta nightlife

In fact, Malta’s nightlife continues its daytime reputation for must-try local cuisine served across the island at the numerous indoor and outdoor dining establishments. Visitors have a wide range of choices for before or after-dinner entertainment too, with regular national festivals celebrating everything from fireworks and food to music and the arts. There are also the famed village festas, which are huge street parties hosted by each town and village throughout the summer, in dedication to their patron saint.

Fancy going clubbing? Then simply head to Bugibba or Paceville, the nightlife hub in St Julian’s.

Time to work: Malta for business

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Malta is fast becoming known as one of the finest international business hubs.

Between its strong economy, EU membership, English-speaking workforce, low cost of operations and excellent position in the Mediterranean, the island poses a hugely attractive business proposition for both startup enterprises and big-name brands.

In terms of global accessibility, Malta is hard to beat. Malta International Airport offers easy connections with almost every major city in Europe, as well as key destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. A direct flight to or from the UK takes under three hours! What’s more: Malta’s convenient time zone, which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), makes it ideal for doing business across the world.

British business visitors will also feel at home in Malta, since English is an official language on the island and is the main language of the business sector, as well as being widely spoken by the highly skilled local workforce. Driving in Malta is on the left-hand side of the road, as established during Malta’s British colonisation.

Multiple technology and business-oriented zones, including those in Sliema or Kalkara’s Smart City, have meanwhile been developed with the business community in mind. Besides offering workforce-friendly infrastructure such as pedestrianised areas and high-quality residential properties for lease, these corporate hubs bring workers together in a high-end setting, complete with top-notch connectivity for maximum productivity.

Time to grow: Malta for investment

malta investment

Malta has captured the attention of international investors increasingly over recent years.

Apart from the island’s strategic location and strong economy, all the reasons that it is an exceptional business destination also make it the ideal place to build a diverse investment portfolio.

Indeed, Malta’s financial sector is one of the best in the world, with many investment opportunities. The innovative, fast-growing international finance centre serves a variety of global industries from banking institutions to blockchain technologies, as well as maritime and aviation management services.

There are also a wide range of potential property investments that you could take advantage of across the Maltese islands. Guided by your expert RE/MAX agent, you could invest in multiple luxury properties within one of Malta’s many Special Designated Areas (SDAs), which offer a stylish, reliable and beautifully located property investment.

The RE/MAX takeaway

Your RE/MAX agent can help you make the most of your visit to Malta, whether it is for a holiday, for business purposes, or to invest in the island. Get in touch today at