Malta Property sales persist in 2009 according to Government data

  • 01.September 2009
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It is good to hear that after six months of hearing that our property market is in a doom and gloom situation that the Malta Property market is not as bad as everyone thought.  The negativity of property prices going down has put a black cloud on everyone’s thoughts however as in many reports released and information provided by several real estate agents the situation, as per Government data, should allow the general public to start seeing that rainbow in the skyline.  Property sales in Malta after six months has reached 96% of what it reached last year at the same time, meaning that between January and June Konvenue’s totalled 3, 956 compared to the 8, 188 Konvenue’s signed throughout the twelve months of 2008.

This should provide some encouragement to investors and qualified buyers that there is a market out there and today is probably the best to buy.  Prices are becoming more and more realistic but the key to buying, in any market whether it is slow or on a high is buying right and it is even more essential today to buy a property in Malta through a reputable real estate agent.  An experienced and professional real estate agent will be able to provide you with statistics and very important knowledge regarding the type of property and location that you may be interested in buying so you can make an informed decision.  There is nothing wrong with buying direct through an owner however there are pitfalls that, if you fall in to them, you may regret for a long time after reading this Blog. 

First of all, a real estate agent can assist you in ensuring that the property you are buying is the real thing.  On most occasions real estate agents understand when there may be a defect in a property which is something that can or may not cost you a miniature fortune to remedy.  A real estate agent in Malta would personally know the owner of the property and would also be able to identify for you what should be the best value for the property that would mutually benefit both of you.  On the other hand, a real estate agent would also be able to tell you whether the property may be overpriced.  The value of having a real estate agent on your side is huge.  You may just need to understand the best way to tackle one.

The old myth that real estate agents are out to make a quick buck is over.  Today, real estate agents have competition and a reputation to protect which has put most of them in a position where they have to act as a professional in the Malta real estate market or get out.

If you are interested in receiving professional assistance regarding buying property in Malta you may contact one of our offices in Malta or Gozo or you may go to our real estate Malta website