Meeting the 2016 Top Letting Associate Awardee

  • 23.March 2016
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gordi-awardsAnother success story – another awardee. This time, we meet Gordi Felice who only began working with RE/MAX Malta four years ago but has, in this short span of time, already achieved three awards with the company. This, besides being part of an office that has regularly won several other awards.
“I started working in property letting from day one because it’s a fast business and the market was growing fast at that time. I chose RE/MAX Malta because it’s part of a strong worldwide brand and this helped me considerably in achieving my goals. As an estate agent the potential of growing is endless. It gives me an adrenaline rush every time a client calls with a request.”

Although it was his first experience in real estate, Gordi already possessed a strong background in sales and customer relations. Being intent on learning and getting better at what he does, he has always attended all sorts of training courses. “With RE/MAX I attended training groups to help me master the market and the business. Together with my manager I learned fast, and adapted to my new business structure.”

Gordi believes that whilst Letting is a fast-moving market, it remains challenging because of unprofessional agents who tarnish the market by making wrong evaluations and giving owners bad advice. “We have to undo much damage to help owners understand the true market and the real value of their property.”
The way he does business is not based on the number of contracts closed. He concentrates on high-end and commercial properties, with clients from banking, financial, diplomatic and gaming sources. Therefore, he works on deals which may take months or years to close. He likes to keep positive since “persistence prevails”. He explains “These clients may take up a lot of time and can be very demanding, but know what they want. These kind of clients helps me focus. I know I did very well in 2015, so it will be hard to surpass my own achievements in the coming months, but with determination, team-work, market know-how and a degree of socializing, I will manage to succeed.”

“I would like to have my own office one day and become a Franchise owner with a commercial letting team of dedicated individuals who concentrate solely to service the demands of this very complex market segment. In the meantime, I hope to keep my position and have another successful year. I will help more of my colleagues to work better and be able to close more deals as at the end of the day we are one team, one family.”

After having recently been promoted to Senior Letting Agent and Team Leader this year, he is gratified of another big achievement. He candidly admits that whilst his goal was to change his car to a better one this year “I have other important priorities namely my newborn son Giorgio, so I have to stick to the family car for now.”