Must-Dos Before Listing Your House for Sale

  • 23.July 2019
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Before listing your property, you will want to make it look its best so it can wow potential buyers. Here are some tips and must-dos to keep in mind when preparing your property for listing. 

Think like a buyer

It can be difficult to view your house as an outsider, particularly if you have lived there for a long time. It’s only natural to feel attached to a beloved home and to gloss over any imperfections. But do keep in mind that potential buyers will approach a property with their own expectations.

So we recommend stepping into the potential buyer’s shoes and taking an objective look at the property from every angle. Those small DIY jobs you have been putting off? Those will stand out to a buyer and – even if they are only small – could indicate to them that the property is not well cared for.

A standard property viewing does not usually take very long so remember that you must make that positive first impression fairly quickly. Clutter can impact a buyer’s opinion – it’s hard to like a home if you can’t see it properly because there is stuff everywhere. Consider investing in storage solutions to tidy up. Even simply adding a shelf inside an existing piece of furniture could help you move things out of sight.

Start a checklist

You have gone through your home with a critical eye and to know what needs doing. The best way to keep track is to create a checklist. You can divide this up any way you like – by room, by job or as a timeline.

The important thing is to keep track of what is already done, which is particularly useful if you are enlisting someone else’s help. Working through the list methodically can save you time and ensures you won’t leave anything out.

Prioritise the items on your list and identify the ones that require professional attention such as plumbing or electrical jobs. Just before listing the property, round off your tasks with a thorough cleaning. This will ensure that any mess made during your home improvements will be cleared away so the house is ready to be viewed.

Invest in improvements

It might sound counterintuitive but spending a little money before you sell might make the property more profitable in the end. This is true for most cosmetic issues, including things like freshening up the wall paint, replacing damaged tiles and so on.

Fixing these issues on their own might not boost your potential sale price but these small improvements could help a buyer see the quality of your property for what it is. A well cared for house shows off all its potential while a home that feels tired and dated, even if there’s nothing else wrong with it, simply gives off an unloved vibe. 

Don’t forget the details

Sellers often make the mistake of focusing solely on what a property looks like. While the appearance of a house is certainly very important, buyers use all their senses when deciding whether they like a property or not.

The key here is not to overdo it. A popular ‘hack’ is to bake (cookies!) just before potential buyers are due to visit, to fill the home with a lovely aroma. This is perfectly fine but if you aren’t a very good baker, going wild with the air freshener instead is not a good idea. It might make people think you’re hiding something.

The same goes for lighting. A well-lit home is a pleasure to visit so do consider if the strength of the lighting in different areas is appropriate. Replace bulbs that are too dim but, equally, don’t overdo it.

Get professional advice

If it’s your first time listing a home for sale, you can request professional advice from the person who has literally seen hundreds of properties – your real estate agent! He or she will make suggestions for improvements that can add value to your home, and even give advice on professional companies or individuals that can help.

REMAX Malta is committed to assisting sellers through every step of the selling process. Get in touch with REMAX before you list to receive helpful advice on preparing your property for sale.